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Decked Stadium Concert



Note: anyone who wasn't around for the 80's likely won't know what the heck 'decked' means, but seeing as rock concerts like this haven't really existed since the 80's, I think I'm on safe ground.

Alas, I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been stuck doing Flash and such. Just recently, however, I've been hammering away on the final reward movie for this rock literacy game, and it features the heroes having this huge stadium concert. (Which isn't totally realistic, because their last gig was at some sleazy bar. Hey! Could happen!)

I tried to shoot for 'stadium excess' without really putting in too much effort. It kind of worked. This is the big, establishing pan shot. The audience will be staggered in their panning motion on the Flash movie so they'll look vaguely 3D.

I hope it works.
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I love it, and I bet this took TONS of hours! What's the name of the game this is for?