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Autofill Dreams by ElectricGecko, journal

I did a Guest Comic for Frivolesque! by ElectricGecko, journal

Time for a Puck Advent Calendar! by ElectricGecko, journal

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Just discovered Puck a couple days ago, and I couldn't stop reading it until I was all caught up. Work shifts aside, I binged over 570 pages of your webcomic in about two to three days.

Needless to say, I'm definitely going to be paying attention to this one. The characters are so quirky and endearing, that I was looking forward to what shenanigans they would get into in the next page.

I mean, where else can you read a story about a 631 year old redheaded fairy whose temper puts other redheads to shame, a 30-ish year old man who is a huge nerd, a 16 year old dog girl with a ton of sass and a shady streak, and the literal daughter of Satan himself but not evil like him, all living under one roof?

Keep up the good work! Let's just hope it doesn't take another 10 years between story arcs! ;P

Thanks, man. Glad you found it. It’s not for everyone, but if your brain is of a certain wavelength, then I guess it means you’re one of us! But yeah, no ten year breaks ahead. That said, the weekly schedule means things move rather slowly, so still theres always an element of waiting. But thanks for reading. Means a lot to me.

Also thanks for taking the step of letting me know you enjoyed it. Most people don’t do that.

One of us! One of us! And it's no problem that I let you know. I enjoy slice-of-life comedy, probably more so than some of the more adventurous/epic comics that I was into when I was younger. I find that, as an adult, some of the more simpler, slower things in life appeal to me more.

And speaking of which, no worries about things moving slowly; as long as they move. I know of a couple webcomics that ended up on lengthy hiatuses (like, months or even years), before the makers of the comics just quit entirely in the middle of the stories; no resolution at all.

One of them even deleted eight years worth of archives (2003-2011) because they rebooted the comic. The rebooted version didn't even last 52 "weeks," if you don't count the fact that the upload schedule alternated between weekly to so sporadic, their longest gap between uploads was almost a year; so even though the comic rebooted in 2012, and ran until 2015, they only have a year's worth of content, with all the previous content gone forever.

So don't worry about the pacing. After all, given you are a teacher, which takes up a lot of time (I should know, my mother was one for 38 years), as well as a husband and father, your teaching career and family take priority over a comic strip. Take all the time you need to pump out quality content!

I have beef with creators who bail mid-narrative. I also have beef with creators who ‘reboot’ their works. I find it super annoying. Like, the old stuff exists. Let it exist. I get the motivation, because I look back at my stuff from twenty years ago and I think, “Yeah, that looks like trash.” But just own it, man. Or if you’re going to do a new version, leave the old version up somewhere. I don’t like those who erase the past.

I randomly found your webcomic, and have been fallowing it for a while now. so glad to find out you have a deviantart.

Yeah, I actually started out on DeviantArt. Not a popular platform anymore, but it’s my favorite. Glad you like the comic!

If your an electric gecko, what’s your favorite thing to do with your powers lol