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Ride That Wave

I'm hoping the lineart didn't suffer too much due to messing around in Photoshop all day today.

There's nothing better on a lazy Sunday then working on commissions. And this commission was requested by :iconkrhainos: . I originally wanted a soccer theme but that didn't come out as I planned. So I just magically yielded a surfer pose out of nowhere and went from there.

:iconkrhainos: said to suprise him so I did. I really hope he likes it! And dude! I know you requested no BG but I made on anyways due to this piece would've looked bland without one! No charge for the BG! ^_^


KrHainos © KrHainos.
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love it! you never cease to truly amaze me each time i click next! love them all
Electonix's avatar
*splash* I love this ^^
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So epic... Love it!
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I have see this pic' in the fav+ of someone and I have think: KrHainos.

It's funny how it's easy to recognize this character, nice job anyway. ^^
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Awesome picture :D Surf's Up dude!!!

Nicely done! Love the water effects :D
HuttserGreywolf's avatar
Radical duuuuude ^^
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Don't wind up in a barrel.
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I love the pose of this, and the drawing of course! :D
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Awesome work!!! You really caught the atmosphere and excitement of it all. Nicely done Talbain!
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Thanks yo. Long time no hear btw. :D
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No problem... and yeah tell me about it. Kinda been MIA lately haven't I? Well you can always grab me on Yahoo messenger. Okay I'm rarely on that as well XD but who knows, one may actually catch me.

I sound like the road runner or something *beep beep*
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Awesome, pic man. I love how dynamic it is. And major props for the water and lens flare effects. Keep up the good work.
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Surfing ultimately became the right choice! You've done his pose so wonderfully! :D I enjoy his expression too!
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Dude, that is so Awesome!!!
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yeeah the shading is great =D
very defined^^
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The water, the lights and pose are what made it stand out nicely in my message-center. ^___^

Gooood muscle-built too. ^^;
ElectricDawgy's avatar
Woot! Which is what I was aiming for. Thanks ^_^.
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