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Pokemon Type Meme Tails

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My contribution to the Pokemon Type Meme that's going around. It has been pretty popular, but since I've only caught the tail end of the fad, I thought I'd illustrate Pokemon tails. (That plus the fact that it would take me years to draw 17 whole Pokemon.)

Try and work out what Pokemon the tails belong to before you read the list below.

Original: [link]

The Pokemon tails illustrated belong to...

...from top to bottom, left to right...

Weedle, Umbreon, Dragonair, Raichu, Lucario, Charizard, Shaymin (flying form), Giratina, Chikorita, Phanpy, Articuno, Meowth, Seviper, Mew, Aerodactyl, Dialga, Buizel.

How did you go? Let me know how many you guessed right!
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weedle, umbreon, dragonair, raichu, lucario, charmander, wingull(?), giratina, chikorita, phanpy, articuno, meowth, (darn i know what the next one is i just cant remember the name >_>), mew, aerodactyl, dialga, blitzel/floatzel. :faint:
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I thought weedle was dunsparce and Shaymin was Togekiss =o
15/17=not bad
Electric-Raichu's avatar
Lily-Lyn-Rain's avatar
Girr, I missed Shaymin, Phanpy and Dialga.
AuraSight18's avatar
I GUessed all of them. I know to much about pokemon.
Electric-Raichu's avatar
JuggalettaGurl's avatar
ooohh this is really neat! makes me think about doing something similar :D

Electric-Raichu's avatar
why don't you?
give it a go!
Espeon4ever's avatar
I got em all right except Dialga's XP

Nice idea :D
xRamenXShopx's avatar
ahahah very creative xD first time i see this idea
Phycofox's avatar
Only ones I got wrong were the shaymin (I thought it may have been chikorita) and I wasn't sure whether it was charmander or charizard because the tails are -exactly- the same.

Yes, I actually got phanphy right!
Electric-Raichu's avatar
Lucario and Riolu's are similar, but I don't think charmander's tail is long enough to loop round like that.
TheFredricus's avatar
The ones I got wrong was Lucario (thinking it was Riolu) and Shaymin (thinking it was Togekiss for some weird reason) o.o

But nice meme! :XD:
mashashy's avatar
only one i didnt get was the mew for some reason i couldnt stop thinking espeon!
Electric-Raichu's avatar
Wow that's good going.

Espeon's tail is forked, but yeah otherwise similar.
mashashy's avatar
no yeah i think i was just some kinda of silly mental block due to drawing espeon all the time :P
Marquis2007's avatar
I got 14 right x3

fight tail - thinking it was riolu x3
grass tail - thinking of bulbasaur XD
steel tail - didn't recognize it much o-o
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