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Letters of Lunacy, Chapter 16
Luna-May banged her fist on the alarm clock. When she sat up on her bed, she groaned at her calendar. It was Thursday today. “Not good”, Luna-May thought. She wasn’t looking forward to school today. She had spent half the night with her homework and didn’t feel like going anywhere but back to sleep. But instead of following that urge, she got up, left the bedroom and headed for the bathroom. After she was done in there, she followed the smell of pancakes into the kitchen. There, she saw her mother stand by the stove, her siblings eat their pancakes at the table and her father’s head invisible behind the newspaper.
‒ Good morning, Luna-May grunted.
‒ Good morning, Luna-May, her mother said. The next pancake is almost done, if you want a freshly-made one.
‒ Sure, Luna-May grunted and got herself a plate from the cupboard.
‒ Luna-May, I’ll pick you up from school today, her mother said when she placed a pancake on Luna-May’
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Letters of Lunacy, Chapter 15
Reading the letter once wasn’t enough. Luna-May had to read it again and again and again. Then she read it again and again. And then again. To see someone ask her out in writing was new to her. Not once had she been asked out before, at least not by someone who actually meant it. Instead, people would ask her to join them in events, groupings or even dates and then say things like "Sorry, I was only kidding", "I can't believe you fell for that!", "Stop being such a freak and I'll tell you when and where!" or something wittier or more insulting. One guy in particular, a classmate of Luna-May's named Danny, had the habit of asking her out almost every week. Luna-May was never into Danny and knew that he just wanted to pull off a prank and had therefore dismissed his proposals, but that didn't stop him from asking. Then one day, after Luna-May's mind had managed to make her squeeze out a "Fine...", Danny had told her mockingly:
‒ So that's how long it takes to make a prude men
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Letters of Lunacy, Chapter 14
When Luna-May arrived to school the next morning, she noticed how silent the corridor was. Wherever she looked, people were staring at her in silence. Even the jocks who were busy playing soccer with their victim's backpack in the middle of the hallway stopped what they were doing and stepped aside when they saw her coming. When Luna-May reached her locker, Berta was already digging through hers until she saw Luna-May.
‒ Oh, y-you're already here! Berta stuttered nervously.
She grabbed her stuff quickly and locked her locker.
‒ There, all done! she told Luna-May eagerly.
‒ Are you alright? Luna-May asked her.
‒ Me? Berta asked nervously. Oh... I'm just fine... peachy!
Then she ran away. Luna-May watched as she took off in such a hurry, she crashed into Mr. Spencer, the art teacher, who was carrying several buckets of paint across the hall. As everyone else who saw the both of them covered in slippery paint laughed, cheered and applauded at the sight of the spect
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Small Purse of Pants' Leg by Electribird Small Purse of Pants' Leg :iconelectribird:Electribird 1 0 A Pug's Wisdom of Art by Electribird A Pug's Wisdom of Art :iconelectribird:Electribird 1 0 Seashell Magnet with a Fake Topaz by Electribird Seashell Magnet with a Fake Topaz :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0
Letters of Lunacy, Chapter 13
The sun had just started to set. It was no use to keep going in the dark, not when there are so many monsters in the woods nearby. The best thing Saffron could do, was set up her tent and make a fire. She needed all the rest she could get after that hectic battle with Slerpog, the cave troll from Schnazzard Mountain. Saffron had received many wounds from Slerpog's giant club, but at least she got what she had come for – the magic spoon of St. Ethel, the Feedmeister. She took it out of her backpack and examined the spoon carefully. For an old spoon, it was surprisingly well-kept and shiny. The floral carvings and detailing made it seem like just an ordinary spoon that might have belonged to a princess wedding cutlery set. But Saffron remembered all the rumors and couldn't wait to see how accurate they were. She took her wand out of her pocket and zapped the fire to make a small kettle of water appear on top of it. As the water was boiling, she used the magic spoon to stir the wate
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Patchwork Pillow of Socks by Electribird Patchwork Pillow of Socks :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0 Beady Music Bracelet of String by Electribird Beady Music Bracelet of String :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0 My First Pair of Earrings for Mother by Electribird My First Pair of Earrings for Mother :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0 Brother in Beads by Electribird Brother in Beads :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0
Letters of Lunacy, Chapter 12
As the teachers made the crowd of pupils go to their lessons, Luna-May got another glance at Gretchen's locker. She could see the rope of the noose loosen and transform into a snake. The snake hissed in her direction, letting her know that it remembered her. Luna-May remembered it too. The same snake had been wrapped around her and her favorite goat willow only last week. She never expected to see it again, especially not in Gretchen's locker, nor did she ever expect it to make Gretchen scream like she did at the sight of it. Could she see the snake too? If she did, why would she scream? It was originally her snake, wasn’t it? Whatever the reason, it didn't surprise Luna-May as much as why that same rope was in Gretchen's locker in the first place. Sure, Ivan was the last person to have the rope and he did promise to make it up to her, but he never had to for his own sake. Why would he avenge her? She looked at the thank-you card again. On the back of it, there was a drawing of a
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Hidden Faces by Electribird Hidden Faces :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0
Letters of Lunacy, Chapter 11
Hours after her parents left the house with Nell, Luna-May kept an eye on the children as they watched cartoons on the TV-set. She cherished the moment as they sat there quietly, watching Crinoline Carol dragging a dog on a trolley. In thirty minutes, the show would be over and Luna-May would have to come up with a plan to keep the kids occupied until the others returned. She checked the TV-guide in the morning newspaper after something the children could watch. Nothing, not even so much as a comedy show with crazy teenagers could be seen on the TV-channels Luna-May's parents had insisted on getting, which was mostly news and soap channels. Once the cartoon was over, Luna-May had to play with the kids. She'd be tied up, screamed at, forced to clean up messes and eventually someone was going to get hurt. Chaos! The thought made her feel sick. By the time it became harder for her to breathe, her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. Reluctantly, Luna-May went to the hallway and open
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Floral Tactics by Electribird Floral Tactics :iconelectribird:Electribird 0 0 Tough Taraxacum by Electribird Tough Taraxacum :iconelectribird:Electribird 2 0


Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 3 by Animus-Panthera Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 3 :iconanimus-panthera:Animus-Panthera 162 37 Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 2 by Animus-Panthera Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 2 :iconanimus-panthera:Animus-Panthera 170 7 Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 1 by Animus-Panthera Barn Owl Plush Tutorial Part 1 :iconanimus-panthera:Animus-Panthera 426 48 Barn owl plush pattern by Animus-Panthera Barn owl plush pattern :iconanimus-panthera:Animus-Panthera 120 31 Full Body Turn Around Stock Pack by RobynRose Full Body Turn Around Stock Pack :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 5,078 223 Sitting Stock Pack 3 by RobynRose Sitting Stock Pack 3 :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 10,960 0 Plain Portrait by RobynRose Plain Portrait :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 905 225 Expressions in Profile Expansion Pack by RobynRose Expressions in Profile Expansion Pack :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 6,136 262 Head Turnaround - Front to Side by RobynRose Head Turnaround - Front to Side :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 7,083 331 Head Turnaround - Top to Bottom by RobynRose Head Turnaround - Top to Bottom :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 6,459 211 Head Turnaround - Top to Bottom Profile by RobynRose Head Turnaround - Top to Bottom Profile :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 3,711 95


Last year, I started to draw things using pictures as models. So far, the practice has done well for my creative side and even more for my mood when I succeed to get the result I'm after. I may never become a better artist than the other artists who put their work on deviantART, but that's not really my goal. I just want to be able to draw good enough to satisfy myself and that's hard enough as it is.

A couple of months ago, I attempted to draw a picture of my best friend for the second time. Drawing her has proven to be extremely difficult for an amateur like me, because I keep getting her face to look like it was drawn by a newspaper charicaturist. Since I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to details, it's bugging me very much that I can't get her face to look realistic enough. Yet this last attempt made a nice picture for what I had in mind and made a great gift for her birthday a few days ago. After showing her the result, I recieved plenty of thanks and compliments from both her and her family as well as requests for printed copies. What I had done, was draw a picture of my friend holding her nephew and add a text based on a quote from her family about how great aunts are. She's without a doubt a wonderful aunt to her siblings' children and one of the most good-hearted people I've ever met and to make her happy with something so simple as a drawing was more than I could hope for. The drawing, named "Proud Aunty Sickan", can be found in my gallery.


Well, what can I tell you about myself? When I was a kid, I loved the idea of creating things out of what my mother calls junk and I still do. I could see art in every common object people didn't care to pay attention to, like stones, boxes or paperclips. With time, I ended up becoming the MacGyver of art in my household, because I could create anything out of whatever I could find in my surroundings. Stones became decorative paperweights, boxes became dollhouses with built-in elevators and paperclips became dolls. Sometimes, after my family's been to a wedding, christening or engagement party, we get candy with decorations on them. The next day, I'd turn the decorations from the candy into refridgerator magnets. Nowadays, I usually stick to knitting, sewing, photography or writing, but there are times when I feel like creating something new and useful out of whatever I can find. For example, a plank and some nails can become a knitting tool and old bank papers can become brand new paper. Recycling starts at home and creating treasures out of junk is my specialty.

I'm also attempting to learn how to draw. I love DC/Marvel-style comics and can't wait until I become good enough to draw comics of my own for the fun of it.


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Thanks so much for the fave on my barn owl plush and tutorial! If you use the tutorial, I'd love to see what you make. ^_^