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Coastal ndipinotherium - Neocene Project

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Coastal ndipinotherium (Ndipinotherium littoralis) lives in narrow strip of woods at the Atlantic coast of Africa. It differs from savanna neighbour in small size, gracefuller constitution and long extremities. Growth of animal rearing on hinder legs, reaches 3 meters. This animal easily rises on hinder legs and can walk in such position some tens meters. Usually this feature of behaviour is shown in courtship season.
Muzzle is narrower and extended: animal eats rather soft leaves of bushes and large grasses growing near water.
Animal is colored grey with dark irregular-shaped spots on sides and back legs. Throat is white even at newborn animals.
In litter at this species usually it may be two cubs.
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what kind of animal did this animal evolved from?
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It descends from the modern hyrax.
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Why is there a myriad of hyrax descendants? Ungulates are much more common than most people think. Well, I can't change it anyways. Its still realistic though.
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What's it's relatives?
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maybe you should look it up on the Neocene website.
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Can you give me a link?
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It's a hyrax, isn't it?
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Always a pleasure!
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Good! Can you colorise it?
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It is already colorized! =D, or you reffer to the background?
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