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Jun 20, 2005, 12:22:06 AM
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look, i was wondering if you could give me an opinion..if you don't mind
well I'm thinking of piercing my face, i like it in the nose and that Madonna piercing like you have on your lip. the thing I'm a minor and my parents only let me chose one of those 2, which one would you do?
I'm asking this cause you have both
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I think monroe piercings are nicest, and not really painful at all. Also healing's quite quick with monroes too.
Nose piercings are probably easier to have, you can hide them much easier for school or work. Healing's not as easy though, I didn't find.
But yeah, both are fine and don't tend to have problems, but I prefur Monroes. :D
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I think I'm going to see how do they look on me on photoshop and then i'll decide.
I had my hears pierced on the cartilage and it took long to heal, almost a year -.-
got to think about it
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Cool piercings! Great photo!

advise on stretching your ears further. Go slowly, wear heavier (steel) jewellery and play with them. I found that way it was really easy to stretch. Mine are now at 18mm without much pain.
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i have a very similar tunnel as yours :)
how much mm is it?
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I want bigger though. But I don't want to actual go through the process of stretching them haha.
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i have 8 mm and i want 10
the last time i stretched it was from 7 to 8 and i almost fainted from the pain ><
it hurt more then when i streched 2 mm in one time so i'm very scared to strech it again so i know what do you mean hehe
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Yeah, when I first did it. I went from 0 to 4mm in one go. That fucking... hurt, haha.

Somtimes I can barely feel it, sometimes it wrecks dead bad.
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wow O:
I streched it myself to 3 mm and then in a piercing studio to 4 and i didn't feel a thing! Then I did from 4 to 6 and it hurt like hell and then to 7,I don't really remember that so I presume it didn't hurt.
The 8 hurt like a bitch.
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When I did to 12, one was completly pain free, and the other was so painful it's put me off stretching again haha. :D
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i only streched one ear. on the other i have transverse lobe so i can't really
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