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Chapter 5: Coming of the Kraken Pt. 2
Chapter 5
(Open up to Hulk standing over a laughing Attuma looking up at the massive tentacles rising out of the lake as rain pelts his body and the wind rushes past in powerful blustering bursts.)
Attuma: At last! My dream of purifying the world is coming to fruition! A new age is dawning! The flames of heresy will be quenched in a cleansing tsunami!
(Hulk stomps down on Attuma)
Hulk: Puny fishman talk too much!
Attuma: Indeed! Perhaps instead of preaching the Kraken’s glories, a better way to make you understand your fate would be to show you his blessings!
(Attuma clenches his fist and the water drenching Hulk’s body freezes instantly. He then thrusts his palm forward and pushes the Ice, and by extension the Hulk, away from him. He then stands up as the Hulk frees himself from his icy prison.)
Attuma: Come then, green infidel! Feel the power of a blessed warrior of the Kraken!
(Hulk roars and charges at Attuma and throws a punch, but Attuma easily catches it and freezes
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Gamma Conquest Ch 4 Coming of the Kraken Pt1
Chapter 4
(Open up to the Gaang flying through the Sky on Appa while in the middle of a discussion)
Katara: Sooo wait… He’s normally a skinny pale guy… but when you beat him up, he turns big and green?
Toph: Hey! Don’t ask me how it works! I’m just telling you what I saw.
Sokka: Technically, I’m the only one here who actually saw it.
Toph: You know what I mean! (She jabs Sokka with her elbow)
Sokka: Ow!
Katara: That… just sounds ridiculous.
Sokka: It’s a lot less ridiculous when you actually see him lift up an entire feasting table and snap it like a twig then throw what’s left of it at you like a pebble.
Katara: Well if this thing isn’t a monster, why the heck were you beating it up?
Toph: I’m… honestly not sure. I mean, his friend said he’d be a challenge and next thing I know, all I can think about is beating whoever this guy is to the ground.
Katara: Jeez, Toph! What’s the matter with you?
Sokka: Se
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Gamma Conquest Ch 3 Violence in the Village
Chapter 3
(Open up to Aang and his friends gliding through the late evening sky upon the back of Appa the sky bison.)
Katara: Anyone else notice how quiet things have been recently?
Sokka: Huh?
Katara: I mean we've hardly seen any action from Azula or the Fire Nation for a few days now.
Sokka: I don't disagree, but I don't see why you say that like it's a bad thing.
Katara: I dunno. I just feel like this is building up to something really bad…
(Aang suddenly grimaces as he clutches his head in agony)
Aang: Agggh! Unnh!
(The rest of the Gaang suddenly turn in shock as they hear Aang's cry of pain. Sokka then turns to Katara, an annoyed expression on his face.)
Sokka: Ya, HAD to open your big mouth didn't you!
(Katara rushes over to Aang.)
Katara: Aang! Are you alright?!
Toph: What's the matter, twinkle toes?
Aang: The balance… something's shifted… must be…unh…
(Aang then passes out, falling into Katara's arms)
Katara: Aang? Aang?! Oh my gosh! We need to get
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Gamma Conquest Ch 2 Wrath of the Wendigo
Chapter 2
(Open up to an Ostrich Horse drawn caravan Bruce Banner wakes up inside to find himself surrounded by strangers in iron bonds. He looks down to see himself shackled as well.)
Bruce (In thought): Great! Just perfect! Not even one day in this strange new world and I already find myself captured. Boy is this embarrassing. I manage to elude Ross and the army for weeks at a time and I get jumped by some guy with a stick. However, these chains aren't exactly SHIELD security tech, I could easily just Hulk out escape, but I can't risk hurting any of the other captives. I'll have to bide my time for now and wait for an opportunity. I might as well use this time to learn a bit more about this place.
(Bruce then looks to a rather rotund balding old man sitting opposite him garbed in yellow clothes with a grey handlebar mustache.)
Bruce: Excuse sir, can you tell me where I am exactly?
(The old man looks over at him)
Bao Fei: The last place any soul would ever wish to find themselves, in
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Gamma Conquest Ch 1 Clash with the Canyon Crawlers
Chapter 1
(Open up to Bruce Banner, garbed in a torn up cloak, wandering through the Earth Kingdom, looking rather tried, worn out, and weakened. We then hear Bruce Narrate his story to the audience in the background interspersed with images flashing back to the events.)
Bruce (Narrating): My name is Bruce Banner. I am a scientist gifted in the field of gamma radiation… and cursed with an unstoppable monster within me. Its name: "THE INCREDIBLE HULK!" (Fade to a black background behind Bruce as a silhouette of the Hulk looming over him from behind with a radiant green glowing outline and menacing green glowing eyes)
(Flash back to the original test site of the Gamma Bomb as we zoom in on a Bunker in the middle of the desert)
The Hulk was born… no, not born… unleashed, (Cut to banner in a Bunker alongside General Ross and Betty Ross) the day I tested an experimental new weapon that I designed, The Gamma bomb, for General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who just so happene
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Korra Gets Drunk
Korra Gets Drunk
By: Elecman99
(Author's Note: Let me make one thing clear, while this is a Legend of Korra one-shot I am by no means a Korra fan. I personally disliked the show quite heavily. Regardless, what's funny is funny and when I thought of the idea, I chuckled and got right to work. So here we are. Now enjoy as a character aimed at 10-year olds gets totally Sh** faced. XD )
(Open up to Air temple island in the early evening where Tenzin and Korra are meditating.)
Tenzin: Now just take a deep breath and relax. Feel the chi as it flows through your body. Channel it into spiritual energy to make contact with- hmm? (Opens one eye to look at Korra)
Korra: *Snore*
Tenzin: KORRA!
Korra: (Shoots up) Wah! Spirits! Breathing! Yea! Got it!
Tenzin: Korra! You need to learn to get in touch with your spiritual abilities in order to truly utilize your full potential as the Avatar!
Korra: But it's so boring! I'm just sitting around and breathing! I wanna go hang out with my friends!
Tenzin: *
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Sooooo a WHILE back I beat Pokemon Y version. And...... since then I haven't really touched it. I mean, the main game was fun! A LOT of fun! But I just kinda breezed right through it and.... after you beat the elite 4.... there really isn't much else to do in the game. At least nothing that I'm really all that motivated to actually accomplish. Oh well. It was still a fun experience regardless.

I hear they might be doing some added-on patches to add to the endgame playability. I really hope that is true and that they put it out soon. Because right now, I have absolutely 0 motivation to keep playing. :P


Brandon M. Hess
United States
I was actually born in 1993. Lied to gain access to all art.
I can't really draw that well yet, so Instead I write stories.


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