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What does the wizard fox say?

By eleathyra
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A while back I asked my followers on Tumblr to suggest something I could draw. The first ten suggestions were turned into a poll.

One Tumblr user suggested "A wizard fox riding a dinosaur. A dinosaur wearing thigh high boots and a false mustache.". I knew this was a troll suggestion, but it was so funny and actually ended on the second place. Because it was so special I decided to draw this, even though it didn't win - of course with some artistic freedom.

Of course I will also draw the one that won, which was "Loki casting a spell while levitating".

Please don't repost on Tumblr, reblog this post instead:…

Created in GIMP. GIMP standard brushes for grass and vegetation.

Reference: Two of my sons plastic dinosaur figures.

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It turned out wonderfully!

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Stranger but wonderful
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Love it. Great design and combining my two favorite things. Foxes and spellcasters!!
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Thank you, glad you like it.
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*Reference: Two of my sons plastic dinosaur figures.*
LOL !!!

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Awsome pic *-*
I think the wizard fox says: "whant to be my apprentice?"

I wonder if he´d like a 12 year old anthro Huskyboy as an apprentice :3
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I bet he would. ;)
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*Wags exitedly* Really? Yaaaay *Tries to climb onto the foxes horse to sit behind his master* :3
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Love the originality!
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An rpg with a fox character like that *dreams*
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I was looking  for a mage with a PET fox, but ok Deviantart, this was worth it XD
Love how you incorporated the mustache into the helmet!
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Thanks a lot, glad you like it. :)
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this is the most wicked thing I've seen all week. 
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This is the definition of awesome.  
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Would you mind if I used this for the background on my children's tablet?
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Feel free to do that, no problem.
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This painting is one of the best arguments I've seen for using GIMP.  (With the caveat that no software program can replace hard work and artistic ambition.)
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Thanks so much. :)

I think GIMP is brilliant, it just takes time to learn it.

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I was really happy to see your picture because I want to start learning digital painting as soon as I get myself a tablet, and I was pleased to see that GIMP has the sensitivity for sophisticated paintings like yours. 

I look forward to seeing more of your art!
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