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Why is it that no matter how much I sleep, it's never enough...?
I kinda wish I could sleep for weeks lol.
ALRIGHT!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! At last I'm free! :D

So yeah... this is the journal entry I've been daydreaming about writing for the longest time now... basically I now actually have free time to spare so that's nice. And it's pretty safe to say that there's a LOT that I want to get done... stuff that I've literally been waiting since September to do! Firstly, congratulations to everyone who's survived this far; I know not all of you are done with school yet, but I have every faith you can keep going! It's not long to go now... (  >.<)
Secondly, I want to just go through a couple of things so that you know what to expect from me these next couple of months. So without further ado, let's get right into into it!

Characters and stories (aka the fun part yay)!

So yeah... as you probably know I have a lot of characters that I don't use as much as I'd like. I may as well be up front with you; the main reason for this is... I procrastinate, especially when there are lots of other stuff that I know I should be doing, but hopefully now that the studying is over for now I'll  have time to do what I've always wanted to do since I started, which is... to make comics and try to lay out a story for you guys! The problem with me is that believe it or not... I actually daydream about my characters and "inner worlds" a lot... and never actually write any of it down or make anything out of it! But yeah, as I was saying I've been daydreaming about doing more with the 8 zillion random concepts I have floating around my brain for ages, and now seems like the perfect opportunity. As such, my own ocs and their stories are at the top of my priority list.
It also occurred to me that although I've been here quite a while, you still don't know very much about my characters' backstories and personalities either! What I plan to do is create reference sheets (that way, anyone else who wants to draw them in future also has a good idea of how to do it) and "profiles" for each of them, where I'll introduce each oc properly...

... I can't believe I'm admitting that I never even made actual up-to date reference sheets!!! I mean... are you even surprised though?! I KNOW it's lazy, but I honestly hate making them because I feel that I constantly have to re-do them whenever I improve. I did used to make them, but they were awful... eh, STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!


Yeah... going along with that last point, I'm probably gonna veer away from fanart for the most part. That's not to say that I won't do it at all (in fact I have a lot of games I'm hoping to play and fandoms I may become a part of, so there's that), I'm just saying that I have a lot of stuff that' gonna take up my time so I need to prioritize.
As for what I'm most interested in right now, I do have a few ideas for Animal Crossing and Magical Starsign themed art which I think will be the stuff I start with. And anyway, both are so important to me, but MSS in particular makes me sad because there's so little appreciation for it, blah
blah blah... (insert long, boring, pretentious speech about how hard it is being in a small fandom here)... Mari eye roll Eye Roll 

Art trades, requests, and... oh, what's this?

Well, I'd firstly like to announce that art trades, requests and all that all that jazz are open for my good pals! They were never closed exactly, but then again I didn't exactly make a big deal about them since no one asked and I had a lot of stuff to do so... here we are. Anyway, I please be aware that due to my other plans, these will be for friends only, please! That said, this is just for now, so perhaps if I'm bored later on I may change my art status but please respect that I won't accept requests from people I don't know yet. Sorry about that!
For my friends, just contact me however you want (Discord, in the comments on my profile, in notes, in the comments for this journal, I don't care) and we can talk about it! :)

... Oh yes, and one more thing...
So I was considering opening commissions for the first time at some point, but then again I don't know for sure if my art is really good enough yet so I can't guarantee it. I mostly just wanted to try it to practice working for a "customer" and get some extra experience under my belt, and if I ever did do it I'd make sure that my prices would be kept pretty low for the time being and that it would only be for people who are actually able and willing to pay for my art. Art trades and requests will always be kept open for friends (unless I really can't for whatever reason). Either way, I would really appreciate any feedback you have regarding my art at the moment, I promise I won't bite your head off! Laughing Dragon

Social Media:

Again, this isn't definate, but I was thinking of possibly expanding my social media repertoire soon. I've noticed a lot of my friends and other people on DA use other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Toyhouse and so on, and I thought that maybe I could give it a go. To be honest, I probably wouldn't do much other than post my art, ramble about whatever and interact with others unless I chose to dedicate the account to one of my other hobbies, but still... is there anywhere else that you frequent that you'd like to s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶ interact with me? I'd like to know! Maybe I'll do a poll.
Also, I should probably state that I'm already on Discord as (surprise surprise!) Eleanor-the-Second, but then again I'm pretty most of my friends who do use Discord know that already. I'm just saying that in case there is anyone who'd like to see me there that didn't already. And... I don't think anyone cares since there's not much to see there but I also use Pinterest? Whatever.

Other stuff:

Whilst I do have a lot more free time right now, I just want you guys to be aware that... there's still a lot going on right now. Consequently, I'm probably not going to be online 24/7, and there's also an awful lot of stuff I wanna learn too... I've been wanting to learn to use polymer clay for AGES, and now I have my tablet I've been looking into learning to animate. On top of this, I've also got a lot stuff to do for other people irl: I promised my family I'd bake lots of cakes, since it has been AGES since I've the chance to do any cooking, and I miss it (and my icing equipment isn't gonna use itself)! Apart from my other hobbies, my parents were saying that it would be a good idea to do some voluntary work. I also may be away for a while; I'm going to do this challenge with one of my friends sometime soon, and it means I'll be away for a few days (I'll go into it more another time). And on top of this... there's something that I am REALLY looking forward too...! ^O^

... Waaaay back in October, my family announced that we'd be going to Florida in July, and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! This is my first time going to the USA and I have So much I want to see and do (and Disneyland is so huge!) , so chances are I won't be around much during the two weeks because I'll be spending time with my family and having fun. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm bragging here, that's not what I meant to do, I'm just saying that although I don't have the exact dates for when I'll be away at the moment (I'll update this later) I just wanted to let you know so if you want to inquire about anything you know to do it sometime when I'll definitely see it.
And... lastly, there's also the fact that I still have to think about what will happen next; if I do decide to go to college they may set me some tasks to do. And besides... I'm also not the kind of person who likes to sit in front of a screen all day long. It just feels... tiring to be honest (and it's so bad for your eyes too!), and since most of my revision resources are online that's what I've had to do recently and it made me kinda sad. Actually, if you're wondering why I've been doing more traditional art lately, that's why! I happen to be kinda scared of damaging my sight, so ... yeah. I want to spend a little time just going outside and enjoying the weather for a while, AND I have personal issues to sort out... so long story short... I'm gonna make EVER SECOND COUNT!

One last thing...

Now... you may or may not have noticed that it's the beginning of summer again. And what does that mean...?
Well... very soon, my account turns one year old! I have a little something planned, so stay tuned!

I mean... it's gonna be a drawing... but... a cool drawing hopefully!
All I have to say now is this... thank you ALL so much for everything you've given me the past year, it means so much...! Eeee, I'll save all the sappyness for that day in particular though!

Anyway, I think that's it for now! Phew... I am sooooooooo tired. I have been exhausted lately, I think I'm gonna need a few days to recover. Nonetheless, I hope you all have a fantastic summer, I 'm looking forward to it! See ya later!

Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] 
Alright, alright... I know I haven't done much to do with Electra and Cosmo lately, but please be patient! As they're fairly new characters, there's still a lot I don't know about them, so bear with me... and yeah, I do have ideas for some other people to join them too, but there's still a lot of work to do!
None the less, I only have two exams left and then SCHOOL IS DONE!!!! Once I do get it all over with once and for all, I have BIG plans... you'll soon see... but I'm really sorry if it seems like I neglect certain characters or fandoms, because I have a lot of different interests. I think I'll be focusing on Ellete and her friends (new characters coming soon by the way!) in the summer, and actually doing some *gasp!* world building, so... stay tuned for that bois! Plus, there's something else that's coming up too... but I'm not going to spoil the surprise! Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, and I'll explain this all in more detail on Monday. See ya then!
Oh jeez, I'm such a freaking moron! Firstly, I'm really sorry if this comes off as a stupid question, but I don't really no what else to do? Urgh... whatever.

So... I wanted to download a Youtube video for free, and I was using this file converter thing to do that. I really should have been more skeptical about the sight because I got a popup that looked pretty legit saying "your windows system is damaged". I freaked out.
It told me to click a button to install software to deal with the problem, but I didn't click it because I knew pretty well how a lot of the "virus" popups you come across over the web are just meant to sell you fake software you don't need. I looked it up but I was really confused... in the end I decided to close my browser because it seemed fake and I couldn't find anything that looked weird in my downloads... but I still don't know? Is there anyone out there who could help me?! Seriously, if I was stupid enough to damage my laptop my parents would kill me... oh god! Seriously... is there anything else I should do? I haven't noticed anything unusual YET and my computer seems fine, but... I'm panicking.
By the way, the window that contained the popup says "win Erx03".
Do you ever feel like someone just... fills you in a way? Like before they came, life felt different somehow... and you always hoped you'd find someone like them but weren't sure if you would? Or maybe someone or something left you a little before they came into your life, and you just weren't quite sure what it was that was missing...?
I don't even mean this in a romantic context, I feel this way towards friends sometimes.
Adromeda (gift for Keyla)

Yeah, I've been wanting to make fanart for this particular oc for a really long time actually! Her name's Adromeda and she belongs to Im-Keyla-the-master , and she is an alien who has the MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR. it's kind of a shame this is only a bust shot, cos you can't see all of it... and she's honestly very complex and well-designed, whoa. In fact... I do realize that I have drawn her slightly differently here; she has very pale skin ( I don't think I painted her skin tone exactly right, so forgive me) and her hair is... sorta white at the top? I'm not sure exactly... I thought it looked almost platinum blonde, so I went with that here... sorry it's not exactly right!

...Anyway, I know the Master has been through some... stuff lately, and... I wanted to make something for her. She's been pretty busy which is understandable, so I don't know when she'll see this. But hopefully when she does come online, it'll be a nice surprise! Anyways... thank you for bieng such a good friend to me... Hug 

Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! Adromeda belongs to Im-Keyla-the-master .
Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! Art belongs to me.
Another Ellete picture Idk what to call it M8
I wanted to practice my painting even more... so I looked up lots of speed paints and tutorials on Youtube, and this is the result! I think it looks really good this time!!!! I'm so happy with it... 〔´∇`〕
Yeah, there's not a lot to say... other than I guess I was trying to make an outfit that was "elvish" and fantasy like, yet still cute... so I looked up references for fantasy clothes, and I found this one long dress with a bodice that I sorta copied. I added suspenders a bow and shortened the sleeves abd that's that. In the end though, it actually looked more bohemian or hipster-y or whatever the word is, but I like that too I guess. Then I drew this dream catcher and the background (that I actually own btw) and then... this happened. 
Hope you likey.
Hiy, I have a question. Would you guys be interested in some of my characters' backstories and origins (the context that caused them to first came to mind) ? Blackheart's is probably the most interesting one of them all, and the thing is... he first appeared in a story I wrote aged twelve, and his character changed so much that he now features in a completely different story!
I still have some of that story, so maybe I could explain what I remember about the original context, but bear in mind that it's not entirely cannon anymore. I do still regard Blackheart as someone who's trying to cover up his past however, so maybe this would put it into perspective for you.... anyway, I'm not going to bother if people don't care though. So I'd like your opinion.
Woah! That's the second rainbow we've had today! That's a new record. :O


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*NOTE* I'm kind of a shy person, so I apologize if it takes me a while to reply or that I don't seem to comment or interact much with people I watch. I swear I love and appreciate everyone's art and interaction, I just get a little nervous sometimes...(☆^ー^☆)

Heyo there, I'm Eleanor, I'm officially 16 years old, I may or may not be living in a magical fairy forest and I... really like art. :3

More about me: (
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I tend make a lot of fan art, but I also have lots of ideas for stories and characters I wanna share with you guys too! I find that I tend to be drawn to cutesy, colourful and atmospheric games; some of my childhood favorites include Drawn to Life, Magical Starsign and Animal Crossing among others.

I also love to experiment: I'm a huge fan of lots of different forms of media, genres, characters, art styles and so on, so expect there to be a LOT of variation in the kinds of different stuff I produce (I am working on creating my own unique style one day though, so please be patient with me)! I'm a traditional artist who typically uses pencils, pens, watercolour and brush pens, although I was recently given a drawing tablet which I'm still learning to use. Plus, I also started working with polymer clay and enjoy other crafts too, so there's that. ( ^ω^)
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It's my dream to publish my own comics and possibly work in animation or video game design someday, so I set this DA up so I could see what others think of my stuff and hopefully make some friends. Please feel free to talk to me as much as you want; I'm always happy to listen!

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is that I like writing and have been told I'm good at it so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of me posting fanfiction/original fiction, and I may also be posting poetry on here if I feel like it. We'll see.
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