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A deadly combination..

Selina Quinn - original design (Catwoman and Harley Quinn crossover)


This costume was an improvisation after my Catwoman costume was not completed in time for the convention.

Belt pouches created by: Oliver Mansfield at Wibbly Wobbly FX


Taken at LSCC February 2013

Photographer: Ian Blythe [link]


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Fantastic costume and image.
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:iconsuperfeaturedplz: This piece showcased has been showcased in Are You Super? - Vol 3

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Wow, thank you! Hehe x
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It's not cameltoe, if it was I wouldn't have posted this image. The catsuit isn't very well tailored in the crotch or buttock area, and sags an awful lot when my legs are together unfortunately.

Sorry to disappoint you.
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I JUST noticed the pearl necklace! Awesome touch!
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Hahah thanks, it's funny how no one really sees it :P
It actually needs some modifying before it looks screen accurate, so hopefully it will be done for when the costume is complete.
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Nicely done mash-up! Kudos on the costume improvisation.
I'm amused as I do similar technique of using a B&W layer and mask out the colored portions. GMTA?
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This is way cool.What versions of Harley and CatWoman did you use?? Selina part of you design looks like it originated from Dark Knight Rises. This is stellar either way.
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Hey, thank you :D
I re-used the parts of my Harley costume as seen on here, which was my own design fueled mostly by the animated series version of Harley, however when I 'act' out the role at conventions I go for a more Arkham City personality.
As for the Catwoman bits, I didn't complete my suit in time, so these are parts that were 'done'. As you can tell, the mask, belt and boots are taken from The Dark Knight Rises, however I wanted the classic whip to go with it, and green contact lenses instead of my brown eyes.
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Always interesting to see people put there spin oncharacters. Will you try this again sometime?
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Not likely as I will hopefully have my Catwoman suit finished soon (:
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Look forward to seeing it.
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Darn it, that IS a scary combo. Improv's is what gave us Fettpool so I don't think you needed to worry. All you need now is a Batman-Joker to tag along with! ;)
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Very well done, miss. Don't listen to the asshats in your comments, you look great. Fuck em. Have a good one.
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Dear god that's amazing.
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