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{ Stygian } Summer 2020 Advent Day 4!


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gatcha 4: egg 22

Pining Over

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{ Stygian } Summer 2020 Advent Day 4!

Deer Hell

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{ Stygians } Summer 2020 Advent Day 3!

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[SS] Figment quest step 7

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Legendary Custom: The Lord of Fortune

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Legendary Custom: The Lord of Fortune


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Amongst Us #31. Run-in

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Mogi #053

My Aetherion Babs

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Nightshade Mystic [MOD AUCTION]

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Esk - Those Who Went Missing

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Birds of a feather (carry presents for each other)

The rain was coming. Aeon felt it in every fibre of his being, in every gust of wind ruffling his green fur. The air smelled of it, too, of the heavy droplets that would soon fall. And of course, the little plants on his back felt it, too, quivering with excitement at the idea of blooming again soon. Summer had seemingly lasted forever, and he had spent most of it hiding with Xsei in their swamp. He had learned a lot during that time – most importantly, that he himself was not, in fact, a “Xsei” and that the other esk was mostly confusing what they thought they saw and what actually occurred. That, however, didn’t stop

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Galari Custom 2/2


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[T] I will fight you!


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Azalea Registration

K e b

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1010 [2019 Myo Event Keb]

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twitter survival guide

Eclipse is coming and everyone wants to move somewhere else. Maybe you're thinking of twitter? I've been on twitter for a number of years with all kinds of experiences. I started off just posting art but over the years got sucked into the heavy discourse/gossip culture of the site, which I try to avoid now. Here are the lessons I've learned! if you wanna follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/tessa_mag These opinions are my own from having a 14k follower account, and may NOT reflect yours or everyone's view of the site - having a big account can come with unwanted attention on twitter but these tips are still relevant to anyone. Terms

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127 - Poinsettia Princess

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L8: Mega Star

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Plains Biome

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December: Divines

December is here, and with it, the hopes and goodness of the eras wash the higher dimension, forming Galari with unqiue abilites. Introducing Divines Divine Galari are based on faith, good deeds and love, they are not a new line of Galari, they are similar to Elementals and Corrupts which add onto the existing Lines. December is the only time of year that Divines are able to form in the higher dimension. Divines have their own unique traits, which can be passed down onto other Galari via breeding. Drawing/writing about a Divine Galari increases the monthly universe balance rate by 10% Divine Traits - Stained Glass Trait can cover the ent

Galari Info

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TREAT/TREATLING SIDE: You dream of Treatropolis. You dream of what it once was, your role there, the hopes and dreams and livelihood you had had before it was all taken away. It hurts to dream of it, a stabbing nostalgia. You dream of yourself in your true form, not as what you were reduced to in the present. Perhaps you had consciously made a choice to leave the present Treatropolis, perhaps you had left the Queen, but it did not mean you had abandoned your memories, or what you were. In your dream, the sun begins to wane and eclipse, until it is a crystal fragment. Treatropolis itself also shifts, just slightly. This is the Treatropolis o

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WORLD'S END ABOUT THE KINGDOM: What appears to be the remains of a once-bustling civilization, long after the end had come for them. Sandstorms are common here, often burying structures under sand or unveiling them, leading to the scenery changing completely overnight. The kingdom's denizens are fiendish creatures of varying sizes, and they appear to be hostile towards visitors. POINTS OF INTEREST:Desert Most of the kingdom appears to be covered in desert. Fiendish creatures patrol the skies, looking out for intruders-- or perhaps a tasty morsel. Ruins The ruins are all that is left of an ancient city. Imps populate the place now, scave


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[TSRM] Picnic

Thanks for my tess babs

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Looking Glass Growth - Commission


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[001] SD MYO

Lantern Dragons

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[Pangons] [TWF-003] Beach Date with Thief


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[Pangons] [TWF-003] Beach Date with Thief

My Pangon

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MYO Approvals

Here you can get your official MYO design approved. You must have purchased or otherwise acquired a slot in order to create a MYO. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Comment below with the following: MYO TYPE: (unmutated, rare, poison) Species: (Weaver, Luminah) MYO ID#: Image: Designer: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Your

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[AUCTION] Lily Blush

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Puddlesqueak FAQ here! (now sorted)

If you aren't looking for detail and just want a quick rundown of the basic rules, check out the bulletpoints here: If you're looking for answers about how to get your own puddlesqueak, check out the prices here, or give this handy flowchart a look! If you're not sure how to breed puddlesqueaks, look here! Puddlesqueaks are a closed species. Independently Making your own puddlesqueaks is not allowed without an MYO form, purchased from me. There are no exceptions! Please read the rules responsibly!! Skipping the rules and guidelines will not help you do things faster! It will make you disappointed, confused and unable to continue with your

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