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Just your local eldritch horror.
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Behind You by Eldritch-Aberrance, visual art

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F a r e w e l l D A . (sorta, but I guess not really, heck)

I have accounts on Toyhouse, Twitter, and Pixiv with very questionable activity.

My ToS for commissions and species art can be located here:


Posts, comments, replies, and basically everything here will decrease, since Eclipse is awful. c': That said I am still around for the groups here that I am interested in! Probably just more active on discord and those websites when I can get involved with characters.


Please don't use any of my work on other sites without my permission!


That includes as avatars, backgrounds, decoration for your page, or anything else UNLESS you specifically own that character, or you commissioned me for the artwork. Most of the art here is of my own personal characters, or characters belonging to someone else, and neither are cool to just grab and stick wherever you want without the ok from the owner of those characters. So if you really want to use something I've made, please ask me first! Thanks!