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Just your local eldritch horror.
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F a r e w e l l D A . Probably for real this time.

I have accounts on Toyhouse, Twitter (no art here anymore due to the 'public data AI opt in' policy), and Pixiv with very questionable activity.

My ToS for commissions and species art can be located here:


I stuck around vaguely after eclipse, even though I hate it, but this new AI opt-in without consent thing is the last nail in the coffin for me. I will no longer be uploading art here. I'm keeping my gallery up for posterity, mostly for if there is anyone out there who really likes my art, or if I drew their character in the past and they have it in a collection or something, but I highly doubt I'll upload anything else here.

I'll be looking for a different art site to upload things, and might add that link here if I find one. Sorry to all of my followers, but man, I just can't stay on a site that's gonna pull this nonsense. c':