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11/23/1989 by Ulnarevern, literature

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oh god oh jeez oh fuck i created my own species (also called eldrians) without being aware of these i'm sORRY
Glad to join the party here, will draw when I have some time.
I can't wait until this species gets revived! ;o;
I totally want to participate in the species< 3
Psst (in case you missed it): luciiper.deviantart.com/journa…
You're just in time, it's getting revived and you have a wonderful chance to become a part of it! ;)
S-s-s-senpai. ;U;
I'm sooo happy you're interested in them! ;U;

I'm actually seeking people to help me design them... >U>
I was about to do a journal about it this week. XD
So uh, yeah, it should revive soon!
I also plan to open up MYOs this week or next week as soon as I thought everything out, as well as remake the species sheet, heh.

Thank you again, so much! ;O;
Of course I am! They're so adorable and beautiful ;u; < 3
If I can help you in any way, please let me know !!! I'd be happy to help !

I'll be on the lookout for the journal, then ;u;
Well if you want to design them I can give you the rights for it. x'3
I'm loving your designs so if it's something you want, feel free!
This also gives you the right to make your own for free... ">U>
Damm you give me motivation I love you man XD