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By Eldog-02
A media player with style and a draggable progress bar

See it in action:


ImageMagick is required for this skin to function correctly
Find directions here:


Supports the following media players:

- Foobar
- iTunes
- MediaMonkey
- MusicBee
- Spotify*
- Webnowplaying*:
  - Youtube
  - Soundcloud
  - Google Play Music
  - Amazon Music
  - Pandora
  - Spotify web player
  - Tidal
- Google Play Music Desktop Player*

* Plugin required
© 2018 - 2021 Eldog-02
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How the fuck does imagemagick work like u dont even explain how

Spotify works if u go to settings -> and change the text file player to =spotify

Also the progress bar doesnt work for me

how to add two music players

Spotify Showing NA/NA on music name

Great! Thank you.

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How Do I Get Tidal To Work ? - i know its possible thru the browser but have you gotten it to work with the client ?

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I also can't see the album- art, only the visualiser works...:shakefist: Please fix it for Winamp. Then it would be perfect.


I'll try it

Album art not see

Okay, but where is the Spotify plugin?

I hope player volume will support in the future.

I'm using spotify. There is no image, and the song and artist just says N/A. Im assuming its because I need a plugin for spotif as it says in the list. What plugin? Where do I get it?

i didnt add any plugin i just installed the spotify app and this skin with everything ticked XD

Right click on the player>settings>in text file change the player=Spotify

This will deal with half your problems!

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These look good. But if using Google Play Music Desktop Player you wanna take a look in the "Players" folder and take the name from there, and paste into the Variables, since it's misspelled inside of the file itself so GPMDP won't hook, obviously. This is also a problem in the newer skin he's made. :) After that the skin loads. It has issues with album cover art that is not a perfect square. This is rather annoying too, sadly. You will have a black bar on the right side of the cover art.

can you please make a complete tutorial of its working including how to use the scroll bar and the visual effects. It would be a great help!!

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when i apply this skin rainmeter crashes.


plase, make a video tutorial

how to download?
Sem ttulo by patrickxfranco  
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How I can connect on firefox?
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Lol doesn't work. TONS of comments saying it doesn't work. Author won't explain why. Don't bother downloading.

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The latest version is on my website. I'm no longer actively updating things on deviantart
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Doesn't work with Spotify. Just says N/A and no album art.
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