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Another Top Bar


Introducing Another Top Bar, aka ATB!


  • Fully modular, 8 modules to pick from (listed in the thumbnail)
  • Lots of settings to customize how exactly you like the bar to look
  • Chameleon support-- match the color of the bar to your desktop!
  • 3 "Popout" skins to choose from

    • Time/Date (Click to switch between the two)
    • App Drawer with customizable apps
    • Popout music player with album art display and more chameleon support
  • Adjust height, turn on or off blur, choose your font and much more with the easy to use settings menu!

Author's Note: It is possible to remove a module by right clicking it in the settings menu

Edit: Updated download to get media info correctly

© 2017 - 2021 Eldog-02
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I selected Spotify for 'Players' but it still says N/A three times. Help please, just want it to work with Spotify and if possible with YouTube videos.

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This one is perfect!

I love this skin, very sleek.
One issue though, for whatever reason the controls on the top bar are.. out of place. I tried fixing it myself but couldn't figure out where to do this Example.
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One of the best simple skin!

I have a question. Can you increase the number of app in the appdrawer?
Thanks again!
Music player on the bar does not change with the music, sticks to the first song played and doesnt update, why so?
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good job, man.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Icon - PICKLERICK [F2U] 
Great skin. Can you share the wallpaper?
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the wallpaper is here:…

i found it when i was looking for rainmeter skins.
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this is a great tool! good job, love the customization!
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Thank you, it means a lot to get compliments like this!
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You deserve it! :>
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