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I make Rainmeter skins a bit


Hello... all the people that watch me? I think this is how it works I've never done this before. Anyways, I have a website now. I'll probably still post things I'm proud of here occasionally but all of my releases (and the most recent updates of my currently released skins) will go on my new website:

If you have any questions or comments or whatever just leave them here and I'll do my best to clear up any confusion.
Bouquet Suite II
I never really wanted to release this one, because of niivu's Bouquet Rainmeter. It kind of felt like showing him up then, but enough time has passed that I think it's safe to release this thing.

Though it may look similar to some of my other skins, I spent a lot of time fine tuning this. It's obviously not perfect, but I like to think however flawed, I didn't try and cheap out of a single part of this.

This suite includes:
  • Audio Switcher/Volume Control
  • Top/Bottom Bar (Not pictured)
  • Color Picker
  • Launcher
  • Media Player
  • Notes
  • Power Menu
  • Top Processes Menu (Not pictured)
  • Recycle Bin

... and a fully fledged, comprehensive settings menu.

Make sure to check out Niivu's original:
Bouquet Rainmeter
and the Windows theme itself:
Bouquet Windows 10 Theme
CakeOS Suite
CakeOS Rainmeter Suite

A companion to the popular CakeOS Windows theme, this suite includes all three edge types, Borderless, Rounded, and Bordered, as well as a light and dark theme.

UPDATE 9/9/18: THIS SKIN HAS BEEN UPDATED! All further development will occur on my new site at…

Also includes:
  • Clock
  • Color Picker
  • Music Player/Controller
  • Power Menu
  • Top Processes Lists
  • Recycle Bin
  • Volume Control
  • Weather

... and a fully fledged GUI settings menu, as well as easy access to the variables file. Each individual config can be resized fairly easily with the included SkinW and SkinH variables. (Results may vary)

Big thanks to Niivu for carrying the torch and continuing to upload great stuff!

Windows Theme:
A media player with style and a draggable progress bar

See it in action:


ImageMagick is required for this skin to function correctly
Find directions here:


Supports the following media players:

- Foobar
- iTunes
- MediaMonkey
- MusicBee
- Spotify*
- Webnowplaying*:
  - Youtube
  - Soundcloud
  - Google Play Music
  - Amazon Music
  - Pandora
  - Spotify web player
  - Tidal
- Google Play Music Desktop Player*

* Plugin required
Blur Player 3

Blur Player 3 fixes any and all issues using Khanhas's new MagickMeter plugin!

YOU WILL NEED IMAGEMAGICK FOR THIS SKIN TO WORK! Follow the instructions here to install:


  • (Responsive) Blurred album art
  • Turn on/off auxiliary features (Album, Progress, etc.)
  • Variable blur
  • Add or remove noise!
  • Full chameleon support
  • Support for every player possible in Rainmeter!


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Thank you so much for faving cakeOS!  I really appreciate it! Have your cake and eat it too
Eldog-02 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
No problem, you totally deserve it
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smells bad
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Welcome (back?) to dA, Eldog!
Been here twelve years; not going anywhere any time soon.
DAWelcomeWagon is a good place for help in figuring out what's where and how it all works.
Holler if I can help you with anything.
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