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Final Fantasy XV logo - POST-CREDITS

It's finally here! This took me so long 'cause I didn't even get around to playing XV until about spring this year, and since then, I've been procrastinating 'cause I practically had to rebuild this from the ground up in Illustrator, which I prefer using to Inkscape, and my Inkscape file didn't transfer too well into Illustrator, soooooo yeah. Here we are.

Here's a link to the .ai file:…
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I just wanted to comment that I am glad you made this.  I used this for my wedding invite I made. <3
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Awesome, thanks for letting everyone enjoy this artwork to the fullest.
If its not too much to ask whenever you get time can you make this into a 1080 & 4k resolution. I would love to keep this as my desktop wallpaper

On another note, does anyone know where i can find a clear hi-res picture of the Big-Bang theme of Final Fantasy XV. That artwork just looks sublime.
I really want it in 1080 & 4k resolution. Although it may need to be divided in 2 since its so long
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This is absolutely stunning!
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You did it! It's wonderful! =)
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Thank you so much for doing this!! I have been waiting!! :heart: :heart:
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YES!!!!! Thank you! Now this can be made into a cross stitch pattern.
I'll credit you once it's done (just wait for a long long time). 

Happy Birthday too! Have your cake and eat it too 
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That sounds awesome! And thank you!
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Ohmigoodness, this is amazing!!! If presented to me as the official FFXV logo (sans title), i wouldn't question its validity in the slightest! Now to share with all my friends!!!!
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Wonderful job!! Looks like the real one!
I always thought the additions looked really poorly placed over the original art. The sentiment is great and all, but it just doesn't work for me. Prefer the original art. But still, thanks for working on this one!
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