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Final Fantasy XV logo

New colors for the Versus XIII logo, or now XV, I guess. Dang, I wanted this on the PS3. Probably won't get a PS4 for a while.


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Much Appreciated. Thank
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Would you mind if I use this for a fanfic cover? I will give full credits! ^_^
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Heeey! Was wondering if you were going to do the Post game logo at some point? :)
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Once I play the game.
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I love this. Thanks for doing this.
Please finish the game because the logo change is one of the best. I need the final logo to help me with the feels.
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Haha, I hope to play it soon! I've been too busy with other stuff to even start it. x_x
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Might be a spoiler, hopefully not too major for you, but there will be a new logo once you finish the game. I was hoping you could also do that version. I really love your work and I've seen the video on how you do these. Really wish I could do that myself ;_;
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I definitely will after I finish the game! ^_^ I own it, just need to get around to playing it.
if someone already watch the ending you might understand the true meaning of this picture
Do you mind if I use this for a blog post? Can't find any other versions of the logo without the lettering. Thanks!
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Sure, just link back to me!
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i looooooove the logo and the colors are great too
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I knew i was getting this as a tattoo the day I saw it.
Thank you.
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Sweet, have you gotten it yet?
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Square Enix sure has great designers for logos like this ! I admire their vision :D
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Can you PLEASE make the png file see-through so the whole background is black (or whatever color people like it to be)!
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It should be see-through... you mean take out all the color so that it's just an outline?
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I should have worded it properly, sorry. I noticed its see-through but when i "set as desktop background" the border & background are white while the outside of the image is black. Basically when i view the image in windows photo viewer its proper png see-through but when i set it as my desktop background its lika a regular image with a white background. Hope you understand what i'm trying to say (i'm not good at explaining stuff). How do i make it see through when i set it as my desktop background so the whole thing behind the image is black! Also, Thank You for replying & trying to help a noob like me!
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That's just a problem with the way the desktop handles pictures. If you want a black background, open up Paint, or GIMP, or whatever, make the entire thing black, then paste the logo onto it, and save it. Voila! ^_^
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I tried that but it becomes white again. I also tried opening up paint & used the "fill in color" paint box to make it black but the edges remain white. Sorry for being so particular about it but i am super psyched for FFXV & watching my desktop with it's logo would be awesome. If it's not too much to ask can u PLEASE give me an exact play by play instruction for "Paint" or "photoshop CS6". Even though i have photoshop i have no idea at all how to use it.
P.S. - Thank you again for helping me with this putting up with my noobness!
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