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Final Fantasy XV (Versus XIII) logo

I love this one. :D Now, we just have to wait about five more years for the game....


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Can you PLEASE make it with the new colors?
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Since Versus has been renamed to FFXV. Are you going to update the logo with the proper colors? :D
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Are these not the proper colors anymore? It seems the same in the trailer and gameplay demo I saw...
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Yeah. The colors changed. Here's a picture of it. [link]
No, they've made it a bit darker and somewhat closer to greyscale. If you google it you should be able to compare the two versions. I too hope you update it. :)
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beautiful *.* but the women in the logo is the godness etro? o.o
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-How beautiful!!
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It's so beautiful :'DD Great job!
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And eldi13 did it again \o/ You're awesome!!
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Yea that is art by Yoshitaka Amano, very very very very very good illustrator that signed onto Square Enix stuff, and yea of the excellence of advertisement I must say. And this picture is amazing.
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I wonder what this logo means.
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It's supposed to be Etro: [link]
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I see.
I guess I'll learn more when I finally put my hands on a PS3 and get to play FFXIII.
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Yeah, she really isn't vocally mentioned at all in XIII, so you can really just find all info pertaining to her online.
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I seriously want this game and I seriously love your VECTOR! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
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That's the thing I like about Square.
The really know how to make really good illustration logos for Final Fantasy games.
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I hope that it comes out before five more years, but it didn't even appear at TGS!!!
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