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Final Fantasy X logo

By eldi13
Hoozah, it's X! Here's the VI one that no one seemed to notice, heheh:

Giant PNG is giant:

And the vector file for this one:
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how did you do this?
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Used this along with X-2's to make a custom box art for the HD Remaster. Thank you very much!
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Hello, I've used your render here :)

FFX Tidus 1920x1080 wallpaper by Astallyne by MrSpacewell
Hi eldi13
nice works, 
can i used it for a exhibition for a museum ?
great job
best regards
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As long as it's properly credited to me.
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This has been used in my continuing self-education. [link]
Gorgeous work! May I use your FF logos as background art for a Top 25 Final Fantasy Songs video? I will of course credit you and link to your DA. And I'll send you the Youtube link when the video is up!
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Absolutely! :) Can't wait.
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Thank you for these logos. Great Job!

---If you would have waited for Illustrator CS6 doing these would have been a lot easier. :)
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this is my fav logo
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this is one of my favorite ones :heart:
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I just wonder, these logo you're make or found somewhere ?
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These are the official logos of the Final Fantasy games, but I was the one who re-drew them to put on DA.
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Can you tell me what is DA ?
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Can I request you eldi ?
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one of the most beautiful games!! nicely done!
i am gona use this in a pic i make and add u to the credits if it is ok with u :D
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Awesome! I love this logo XD
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