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Final Fantasy Tactics logo

By eldi13
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As requested, here is the FFT logo. Enjoy, all ye who requested this! I'm also going to make War of the Lions, so stay tuned for that too.

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I'm tattoing this on my arm this week! Thanks! 
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One time I tried to draw the fft logo. I think I gave up after, like, 1.3 seconds. Gonna try again sometime though.
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Now, you gave me the urge to listen to "Apoplexy". Your logo is amazing, by the way.
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Glad you like it!
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Excuse me, but may I use this picture as part of a logo I'm making for a fan project?
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Yeah, that's fine! Just link back to my page, somehow.
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I really like that effect! Awesome job!
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Owwww  thats Great!! \o/
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Es el mejor logo para mis gustos jajaj
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Oh my god this is really cool. .___.
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This brings back memories. Gosh, one of my favorite logos! You did a great job.
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This is so slick. I like the change to the darker palette as well!
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Yeah, I hadn't even known there was a darker version 'til I saw your link. Thanks a bunch!
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I love you sooooo much!
I'll show you the sleeves I'm planning to do for my PSX FF collection using some of your logos :)
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Nice, I can't wait to see! =D
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