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Oz Blanco Tormenta (for Paz)

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Fluxbox Theme

Just pure, sweet Fluxbox. No Tint2 this time. If you want the Conky (mod of Night Shade Conky), and or the theme (Oz_Blanco_Tormenta), you can download it here. Just click on the Download button on the right (might have to scroll up a bit).

<edit> Apparently the Conky didn't want to go in the zip file but you can get the original here: 1inux.deviantart.com/art/Night…

This is a note from the DA page on how to change the color of the marks and hands:

Open up two files:

- .crings_ns.lua --> clock_colour=0x000000

- .mark_ns.lua --> graduation_fg_colour=0x000000,

change 000000 to the desired color code
alpha means transparency on a scale of 0 to 1.
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tell me the procedure, how to install it?
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how can i install it?
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cglucidProfessional Digital Artist
Sweet :O
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Thank you very much.  :)
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:blowkiss: :shout:  :bow:  :shout: Hug 
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Ha, ha, you're welcome.  :) 
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I'm using it now, its looks so good!   The toolbar is just awesome. Thank you so much, when it will be ready I'll post it for you to see :D
btw - the folder for conky is empty..
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This is exciting!  I love it when someone uses my style.  It gives me a whole different perspective.   I can't wait to see it!  I made a darker one too:  eldervlacoste.deviantart.com/a… if you want to play around with another one. It's basically the same just darker and less yellow.  I don't know what happened to the conky.  I tried to zip it up in there twice but it wouldn't go in.  Hurry!!!   Yeah 
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Oh well - I choose the dark one :D It was much more appealing to me after a short dilemma =P
about the conky, I think it's something about DA not allowing zipping a file with in a file .
I will more than happy to see the conkyrc & lua for the changes you made. I have the original
and I tried it before with no luck .
You can see my screenie now fav.me/d6oyaib
Thank you for the Awesome styles! :hug:      
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I love it!  Please share the wall...Wow! Drool 
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I'm glad you do, Thank you! :hug:
Is it 1366x768 for your monitor?
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:dance:  Yes, It is 1366x768.  Thank you!
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