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January 14, 2012
The Warslug by ~Shaggadelic
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The Warslug

This is another entry for the biweekly contest at :iconconceptworld: the theme this time: Heavy as hell.

At first I wanted to make a conventional vehicle with wheels or caterpillar treads, but then an unusual chain of association started to happen. it was something like this:

Heavy as is bulky.....bulky is....slow....slow things...turtles are slow...snails are slow......slugs hmmm slow....big slugs.......big alien heavy as hell alien WARSLUGS!!! *mad evil cackles*

So that was the birth of this paintings idea. I just inserted some alien insect race to squash, so the warslug had something to do....

Time taken: around 15 hours
Software used: PS and Painter
WIP: [link]

Since so many commented on the name Warslug. Yes, it actually is a warsnail, but let´s face it: Warslug just sounds cooler. And in comparison: The Death Star would not be a star either. More like a moon or planetoid, asteroid or whatever. The Death Moon? Death Planetoid? Just doesn´t have a cool ring to it...
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"Oh look, it's a giant snail. Bit intimidating, but it's no biggie-AH! LASERS!"
Very cool. The creatures and the immense war snail really are original and cool.
joeltonongkh's avatar
I like the concept. I do feel the tense of battle.
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DEATH SLUG!!! :D You're gonna need a bigger gun to damage that, little alien insect dudes. Funny idea, shows you where imagination can take you. I like the semi-organic, steampunkish look of this painting- it reminds me of HG Well's description of Martian technology in The War of the Worlds. Congratulations on the DD!!
Elderscroller's avatar
Thanks :) I guess they their experience with this encounter won´t give them the knowledge to use a bigger gun....except if there are survivors. Nah, who am I kidding :)
Very kind and funny creature, full of love for smaller ones. It trying to bring them some warm.
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A one-hit-genocide machine...
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fantastic, could you do a featuring those bug people, i'd like to see that :)

great job on the Warslug by the way
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I love the snail machine tank=)
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Amazing amazing!!!!
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This is amazing. Something about those little bug ppl fighting that thing in vain is so cool. It makes me think that the slug would just squish them by belly flopping on them.
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This is breathtaking!
abdulicart's avatar
Ahh... it reminds me the `Dune` of Frank Herbert.
Elderscroller's avatar
Actually one of my favorite books. I guess it must have been somewhere in the back of my mind when I painted this.
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That's what we call "art" :) All the fruits comes from the soil, And the soil contains all the dead/old ones. Welldone my friend!
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So Cool! Very well done, what else can I say.
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amazing,but(since it has a shell) thats a snail.slugs dont have shells.
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Thats total kick ass! Has a retro feel, when Sci-Fi books has painted covers!
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