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Crescent Tide Complete! (Contest entry)


This is the complete digital version of my entry for TheArgentMercy's 500+ watcher contest!
I hope you like it!
This was so much fun to draw! I have just been so busy this whole week, but then I came across a friend's drawing and it instantly sparked inspiration and imagination! I just wanted to draw it so badly! I mean, how could I not?! This is such a beautiful character!

Character (C) TheArgentMercy 
Art (C) ElderDragon6242

Do NOT copy, trace or use my art in any way without my permission first! Thanks!!
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This is simply beautiful Elder, well darn done!!:clap: :clap: :clap: :la:

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Awwwwwwwww, thank you! ❤️

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Aaaallways my absolute pleasure Miss!:D

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Pretty beautiful work, Elder! Best wishes for the contest, I think you managed to draw the organiser's dragon in a very impressive way :clap:

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Thank you Raiberd ❤️🌺💖

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You're welcome :)

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank you so much!!!!!! This is incredible! I love the glowy bits at the end of her spines too!

Thank you so much for entering!

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Awwwwwwww! Thank you!!!

And no worries! ❤️

It was so much fun drawing her! 🌺

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