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Wizard cover 142 Wolverine

Funny story, this cover was colored while i laid in bed recovering from back surgery... in a really slow laptop i borrowed from the studio. I was in pain and i had to finish this damn thing...

hhmm... maybe its not such a funny story after all... :/

Pencils: Finch (not sure about the name, actually i dont know the artist but he rocks... anybody knows him let me know)

Colors: Me while dying from PAIN
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okay, so it is insanely cool that i stumbled on to you, being that you are one of the guys that does the colors for the characters that i so love. like seriously.... frikkin' cool, man. awesome work.
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pain was good advisor while drawing this
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I bet, every bad guy who saw him in this pose, wet himself before he got killed XD
Anyway I would ;P

Great work !!
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more like jizzed their pants.
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awesome! i love his pose and his expression! =D
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good job. Are you a proffesional drawer of comics? I put your icon-link in my gallery
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Wolverine's da best of X-Men!
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Nice :) Can't believe that you have to work on that while recovering from surgery... ouch it must have been tough to work.

The artist is David Finch. I love his stuff, he did Accession under Top Cow, and he also did The New Avengers to name a few :)
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very cool......nice job bro
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who is the coolest comic book char? answer : LOGAN!!
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David Finch.

You never read the Wizard?
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nope, as a matter of fact :D

but thanks!
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Whoa. Awesome. I really love how you colored his claws... The lineartless coloring on those really seems to match up well with your coloring style.

Amazing background too. Really great work.
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orale, tienes una galeria muy padre! porque no te habia visto caray!!
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Great colouring mate! I really like this character, have you seen Tsutomu Nihei's version? woooaah! that IS great!
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very wonderful color work.. I hope your back is better now!
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Oh wow ... I HAVE this issue of Wizard! You're amazing! :worship:
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YOu are my new found hero
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