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November 1, 2008
Obama bio cover by *Eldelgado "Here on dA, we are not here for politics — we are here for excellent-quality artworks. :thumbsup: And “Obama bio cover” by *Eldelgado is nothing less than an outstanding bio-pic of Barack Obama being so brilliantly executed in comic-book form! :wow: The colors, line-work, and lighting are all nothing short of absolutely superb as Obama himself stands tall and proud in honoring the United States of America, and his suit and tie are really quite classy, not to mention the way this artist has created that U.S. flag in the background, too!! A splendidly amazing piece of creation from such an accomplished comics/cartoons artist indeed, I truly must say!!!"-AdigunPolack
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Obama bio cover

Cover for the biographic Obama comic by IDW.

Pencils J. Scott Campbell

colors by me.

ps: looks kinda heroic doesnt he?
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OBummer worsts president successor of james buchanan

ala33's avatar
ala33's avatar

must be a demorat

Notros's avatar

No shit, Sherlock.

arfgard's avatar
Oh,how I miss him in office !! (great McCain, as well : 2008 was an election with many LEGIT candidates !!)    :flagus: wavy revision    mic drop  
StalinDC's avatar
A great president!  :)
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You are a racist!

its true hahaha barack obama imbecile president

ArtisticAnimeFanGirl's avatar
Best President we ever had. F*ck the racist red necks who say he's a bad president. Oh yeah he was terrible alright. Providing free Heath care, finding plans to stop ISIS, finding more jobs for unemployed people, banning guns to provent even more gun violence. Yeah he was a monster:roll:

The coolest president with the coolest and most beautiful First Lady.

Again f*ck all the racist red necks who hates him just because he's black.:grump:
Cornelischmidt1527's avatar
My pleasure;) After all, I'm with you
ArtisticAnimeFanGirl's avatar
That's wonderful:aww:. I'm happy that there are people like you out there who hate seeing people who are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and sexist. It's like, we live in a 21st century, where we can marry who ever we want, have more diversity, and women who are open to more jobs these days. Tell me again why the hell can they tell women what to do with their bodies but not men? I hate men who think that and I especially hate women like that! Women who think like that are dependent air heads that can't do anything on their own without their husbands telling what to do.
Cornelischmidt1527's avatar
I agree with you to; the world nowadays is quite horrible, and in actual fact I'm not even American, yet I can already see all these throughthe Internet! Ain't the Internet quite a good and bad thing at the same time? :O
ArtisticAnimeFanGirl's avatar
Yes it is. But I have hope. And I don't believe in running away from my country. I'm just praying that me and my family will be okay. We're middle class, we're not rich but we're not on welfare or need healthcare. I always say that we're better off than some neighborhoods in Columbus
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Obama loves me, this I know. For the affordable healthcare act tells me so. 
AlbertABSchloss's avatar
The worst president.  
Simidae's avatar
Do you still feel that way in 2020?
AlbertABSchloss's avatar
Yes, ¿Obama has a legacy? XD
Simidae's avatar

I mean... the current buffoon makes everyone else look better.

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