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Marvel Disney

Colaboration between a friend and me over the big announcement that Disney bought Marvel...

You know, this might actually be awesome if it ever becomes real :D

pencils: Carlos Cavazos

color: me
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xXPastel-BunniesXx's avatar
This is one of the best things I've ever seen in my life
MaleVolentSamSon's avatar
"Hot-dog, hot-dog, hot-diggity-dog, bub."
capsmerica's avatar
Ha, love this!  Heart Animation by P4NC4K3F4iiRY
Woohoo duck kebab !! :}
MultiFangirl22's avatar
Never would have thought to combine Mickey Mouse and Wolverine. Awesome.  Who is Donald Duck merged with?
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mcp100's avatar
This just makes me want the X-Men to be in the MCU even more XD.
Alex-die-Waldelfe's avatar
Incredible!!! This Face is beautiful.
Bungie-Man3's avatar
I hate that Disney bought Marvel & LucasArts
HatlessMann's avatar
Disney buying Marvel did make uploading Music to YT impossible.. Like, Almost all soundtracks ive had in my music playlist from MCU movies are copyrightstriked
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Really nice touch the Donald's reflection
ThunderWarriors97's avatar
Great work here! I really love how you portrayed Mickey as Wolverine. Those killer claws on his hands are something villains had better watch out for!
WildFlower111's avatar
XD OK This is awesome! Wolverine 
Dec18kevin's avatar
Oh My God 0_0
WTF is that 0-0
Now I'm scared of Micky Mouse xD
Kviesgaard's avatar
Really like the idea.

Is it inspired by the McFarlane cover of The Incredible Hulk no. 340?
B2DaRice's avatar
Best mashup I've seen all week!!
thaumh's avatar
I found this on FaceBook Best of Deviant Art. When I first saw it though, it was the thumbnail there. Awesome as the Spider-Goof is, at first I thought it was Deadpool Donald. You should totally MAKE THAT HAPPEN. :D
That's whats up
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