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Ghost Rider 28 covers

By Eldelgado
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Variant covers for Ghost Rider 28, out this month!

This one was a nightmare but it was also a lot of fun, specially since i got to work over the great Marc Silvestri's pencils.
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There will b Hell to pay after this Hercules (Running Away) - Icon Atomic Cock 
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Ghost rider meets angel rider now that is just too darn awesome right there
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I like too much !
I'm in search with some designs about a savage and flammed ghost rider, on an evil custom chopper....
like this one for example :
Would you be ok to help me by making this caracter on design ?
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What's more badass than Ghost rider?

Another Ghost rider who has blue flames.

The badassery has dramatically increased!
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Very badass, great work! :heart:
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It's like a battle between the heaven ghost rider fights the hell ghost rider.
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Badass! Esta es una de mis favoritas!
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Johnny vs Danny = (good) Vergil vs (misguided) Dante
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Don't know what to say. Damn it's badass!
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Spirit of Vengeance vs Spirit of Justice. I'm trippin' out here, this is boss
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well done m8:stare3d: Stare 3D 50x50 derp 
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Was this actually a legitimate battle, did Daniel and Johnathon actually fight each other before?
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Ghost Rider...one of my favorite characters growing up
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Awesome and Epic. :)
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Ghost Rider....the ultimate supernatural badass!  
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You guys are nincompoops. Stop thinking you know anything about Ghost Rider if you're going to base your "knowledge" off of the movies. In this specific series, the blue one was Danny Ketch and the Orange was Johnny Blaze. The coloring was used to distinct the two from each other. Danny Ketch was working for a corrupt angel and Johnny Blaze was trying to stop them. 
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how can there be two riders in the same time?
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There are many spirits of vengeance. Which are actual things that bond with humans to make Ghost Riders.
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