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Deadpool team up cover

Cover for Deadpool Team Up # 899 (dont ask)

pencils by the great Humberto Ramos

colors by the great me
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Canon MP610 series
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You coloured this?!! I love this comic, i just got deviant art so it's mind blowing for me to find you on here
nice.they took out thor?? wow.
moondogy42's avatar
I freaking love Deadpool
Mattgenesis's avatar
Espectacular dibujo!!!
Okabuto's avatar
Somebody also beat up Thor. I like that more :)
Honigdieb's avatar
Somebody stabbed Wolverine. I like that. :D
LonelyBlackWolf's avatar
i wonder how an idiot jerk like deadpool could kill Wolverine?
that is hilatrious cause that is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!
Michum666's avatar
Deadpool is far from an idiot.. psycho? yes. Idiot? no. He is actually very smart plus an excellent marksman and amazing with blades and hand to hand combat. He would mostly get his ass kicked by wolverine (Extremely) but lucky him he has that amazing Healing factor so Wolverine would get tired and then Deadpool would eventually win.
LonelyBlackWolf's avatar
wolverine has regenerative powers and ADAMANTIUM skeleton,that cannot be destroyed, he also has claws that can cut through anything so I don't think that wade's katanas can do much.
Honigdieb's avatar
I like deadpool. He might be an idiot most of the time but a really funny one.
LonelyBlackWolf's avatar
Erknen's avatar
Dude I have that!
TheAmazingTurducken's avatar
Cool pic, bro!

Memes FTW lol.
angielevin's avatar
cool cover but i heard that they are cancelling deadpool team up and deadpool corps :(
crazyman67's avatar
Deadpool and Heracles.......rightious.
SirFrancis's avatar
Hahahah, that false Thor never had a chance against Herc
Great picture and amazing coloring
Squalor2010's avatar
jk its still awesome
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Looks really awesome!!! :toocool:
I can SEE this happening
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