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Cable-Deadpool issue 36 cover

Deadpool vs Taskmaster for Cable/Deadpool 36

art by: Patrick Zircher

colors: Me
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Taskmaster: I ha- Wait, what?

Deadpool: MY. LUCKY. CHARMS.

Taskmaster: What the fuck are lucky charms?

Deadpool: *kicks Taskmaster in the balls* THEY’RE MAGICALLY DELICIOUS YOU COCK-SUCKING BONY FUCK.
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Given Deadpool's extensive trivia knowledge, I can just imagine him saying to Taskmaster "Shouldn't you be terrorizing some blonde, possibly gay barbarian perched atop a green tiger?"
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This needed to be its own series. The Friendemies relation this two have, it would make for the most comedic, and full of violence, Marvel version of a "buddy cop" movie ever made.
I would buy all the issues if they existed.
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Yaaaaasss! I would totally support that :D
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i forget, can taskmaster heal to the magnitude that Wilson and Creed (Deadpool and Wolverine) can?
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no, no he can't.
and wolverine is James Howlett by birth, not Creed
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Taskmaster is like an alternate Captian America.
See the Avengers initiative iPad app.
Magnifica portada de Deadpool, me encanta los detalles de la mascara que se le nota el rostro, los brillos y las texturas de las ropas y las espadas estan muy logrados. Excelente diseño.
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lolz for Deadpool's face X)
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Epic art work,
Is that the issue were deadpool ties himself up and still beats up tasky?
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Deadpool looks like he is suficating
fayyazb's avatar
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Deadpool-"admit it, you ate that last bit of ice cream in the freezer didn't you, ya dam SOB!!!!"
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taskmaster looks so badass here, and well deadpool is always badass
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Wikkid Fukkin Pissah!
Yeah, I'm from Boston...
For those of you not blessed enough to be from here, you can't give a better compliment than dropping a "WFP" bomb!
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Taskmaster has a thing for Deadpool. They keep crossing paths.
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The art's awesome!! ^_^ :D mabuhay!!
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yooo this is mad raw!
My two favorite marvel characters in one picture!
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I told you damn it!! The last donut is MINE!:chainsaw:
The Regenerating Degenerate The Crimson Crusader
The Merc With a Mouth :D love deadpool
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This was one of my favourite issues. The colours and shading are so subtle but still convey so much detail its unbelievable, awesome work dude.
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taskmaster has got to be related to skeletor somehow...
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