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Waking up to apocalypse


Ok deviants, i have been totally devoted for about two weeks now for this thing and finally i have managed to finish it. ( just about time! hehehe ) it is my entry for the awesome and exciting Darksiders contest.

What is it about ? well, i´ve always had weird and creepy nightmares about the end of the world and i thought to develop something about those lines. what if you would wake up from a terrible nightmare to sudently discover that the end of the world has already began?
At first i thought of doing the usual destruction caused by meteors or nuclear nukes outside the window, but then i came up with the idea that adding the actual monsters and demons from the Darksiders game could be pretty cool.
So thats basically the main concept for my illustration of the end of days. A day were i wake up and find myself in the middle of the Apocalypse, sorrounded by chaos and horrible monsters.
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The Humanity survaival darksiders 3
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ERMHEGERD! amazing work m8.


Plus I find those particular demons BADASS!
Also the HellBook looks awesome. Also the fact that he has a poster of the horsemen is very clever.

:la3d: La anim 50x47 derp 
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Wonderful picture. The demons in such lively, fiery colours. Good expression of fear in the boys face.
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Actually, the boy is not in fear at all, he has just waken up and its all confused by what is happening around him. He actually doesn´t realize that the world just ended, hahaha. Thanks!
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You have a good sense of humor!
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The end of the world is something you can see relative from a different point of view. The theme is supportet by the lively fiery coulors and the ecpression of fear in the boys face. Wonderfully made picture.
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wait no thats normal back to sleep
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Nah...more like Percy in Tarturus
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Mondays in a nutshell.
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i love his poster and the situation
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....this got 3rd place? its not bad but its not really darksiders
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Yup, this was the winner of third place. That was exactly the point, using a differente style to talk about the contest theme.
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Just came here again for 21/12/12 because i remembered this great piece of finde art ;) Have a great final day!
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War to sleepy dude: Hey man, why u no use The Harvester and slice that demonic mofo in half?
A1Indo's avatar
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If you lucky War will cut that thing if half before it eats you :D
Looks awesome so detailed and there is some little (or Big) action in every inch of this picture.
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Holy crap lmao, quite honestly if I was in that position I probably wouldnt have even notice knowing what im like in the morning XD It would be scary but pretty cool at the same time :o anyways, good work, I really like it :)
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well you look prepard
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You gotta be prepared for the end of days, no matter if you are late for it,hahaha.
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oh well better late then never
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uses your scrolls and other things boy dont just lie there drueling
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