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I was doing some illustrations for a story, and one of the characters was a sort of "Incarnation of Destiny", created by an ancient and forgotten civilization. And here's the result, lovingly coloured in with pencils. The inspiration for the "ancient civilization" is, obviously enough, Disney's Atlantis, but I tried to keep it at inspiration levels, rather than direct copy.

The name Ananke comes from the Greek, and means 'necessity'. It was the name of one of the Titans, sister/wife of Chronos (time), and together they shaped the world. Though Ananke was traditionally female, she WAS the ultimate incarnation of predestination and fate, and so I thought it only appropriate to name him after her. Also, I like the name.

The image was scanned by :iconvafler:, while the brushes used for the background were created by :iconfalln-brushes:
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Oooh! Brushie-thingies!
Nice details in this pic, especially such things as fingernails. And also, I like the coloured pencils look:)
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Thanks, I like the pencils myself. Though I have to admit to a bit of cheating, in using photoshop tools to make them a bit smoother and filling in blanks I'd missed. All part of the trade, right? ;)

And yeah, my hand-skillz are fo' shizzle! (damn! Must stop watching Dr. Drakken. He's beginning to rub off)
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It's only cheating if you want it to be that ;)

And yeah, Dr. Drakken rocks my socks!
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I see...I spy with my little eye...folds!
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Heh, glad you recognized them. Always risky to try and make it look like proper fabric.