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The Trooper Cat


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The private commission portrait I did in 2017,
the portrait of real cat in WWII British paratrooper uniform with equipment, posing against the 1920's Canadian flag.

Created this art using "Perfect Oils" presets part 1 & 2 for Photoshop CS5+:

The Perfect Oils, Mixer Brush Presets by EldarZakirov   The Perfect Oils. Part 2. 46 Mixer Brush Presets by EldarZakirov
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I found this at Pinterest and love it! I am going to watch you here!

He looks rather dashing, you know! There is just something about a cool cat in uniform!

Half the Cat
Rootsflow's avatar

Corporal Mc Flufferbottom, bearer of the victoria paw!

Really well done and stunning details!

EldarZakirov's avatar

Thank you so much!)))

DarkOmen94's avatar
What would a cat with british accent actually sound like?
katrimav's avatar
This is the cutest soldier I have ever seen.. Smiley: Heart eyes  Also your painting skills are amazing! 
EldarZakirov's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I think, if all soldiers would be like this one, there wouldn't be any wars ever ;-)
CasualFurryTrash's avatar
He protecc, he attac, but most importantly... he fights for king and country
EldarZakirov's avatar
Yeap! ;-) Glad you like it!
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DamaskRose0503's avatar
Эльдар, очаровательно! Как, впрочем, и всегда :)
predatorslow's avatar
Котики начали порабощать мир?
satsume-shi's avatar
Soldier: Captain we ordered the sardines!
Captain: very well.

ahah, sorry xD anyway very good piece, your realistic skills are great!
KitsuNeka-san's avatar
Ух ты какой. Как же мне нравятся эти портреты животных в твоем исполнении.
R-FakonWolf's avatar
Ohhh he looks awesome!!
LuckyFy's avatar
Your cat portraits never cease to amaze me.
WalkOnWater1's avatar
This is so good!! I wish I could do what you do!
TitusWeiss's avatar

Adorable! You always do such a wonderful job on the textures of fur :D Very inspiring to me ^^

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