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The Hermitage Court Confectioner Apprentice Cat

FULL VIEW, please.

For The Hermitage Magazine,
Idea by Andrei Shelyutto.

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My cool tool helping painting realistic digital fur:

Realistic FUR Brush Set for Photoshop by EldarZakirov
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I have been wanting prints of your cats in court dress portraits for years! Is there any chance of them being made available for purchase at all? Pretty please?
soooooo fantastic! Sooo cute the cats!
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haha, thank you!
Hi Eldar, I have loved this picture for a long time and would love to purchase a print. 
Could you let me know how and if that could be arranged
Thank you.
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Hi, and thank you for the interest. In a few thime there will be new Royal cat series, available as prints as well. Sure, it will be more cool than this one)) Please wait and thanks again!
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I would dearly like to print this on canvas as a housewarming gift for a friend, but cannot find it on the store (Not to mention I'm in the UK so cannot drop ship via DevArt). Would it be possible to get in touch to see if we can come to an arrangement ?
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And here's me failing to draw a straight line in MS Paint!
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Excellent !
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So awesome. Love it!
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I absolutely love this whole series! Incredible work sir.
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Nice to hear it! Thank you!
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FULL VIEW, please - Ага, если бы жидомасоны его не заблочили
EldarZakirov's avatar
да это я сам убрал: заказчик попросил не выставлять в крупном размере.
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These portraits are just...the BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! I can't fav them enough - thank you for sharing!
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Your cat pictures is so awesome! I wish I could draw something as "purrfect" (i am sorry for the pun) as these! :heart: they look so alive and graceful
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All your work is incredible but I especially love your cats :)
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Nice to hear it! THank you! :)
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This one is my favorite.  I love it.
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Написано «FULL VIEW, please», но его нет :(
Можно как-нибудь заиметь (за спасибо или купить) эту серию котиков в большем разрешении? Я б себе напечатал и в комнате развесил :meow:
EldarZakirov's avatar
Добрый день! Можно заказать принт на этом сайте (справа кнопка Buy this print, там можно выбрать размер и основу, на которой будет напечатано изображение). Полноразмерные изображения передавать и публиковать не имею права по договору с заказчиком. :)
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