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Sarcosuchus and Prey


Sarcosuchus and Prey

Spread art for the books

Jurassic Giants: T. Rex and Other Prehistoric Predators


Tyrannosaurus Rex and Other Ferocious Predators from the Mesozoic Era

by© QUARTO, 2018 

done in July 2017 

>>>>>>> FULL VIEW is the best way to see all the beauty of the image <<<<<<<

Other art from the Series:

Tyrannosaurus and Prey by EldarZakirov    Allosaurus by EldarZakirov    Spinosaurus by EldarZakirov    Giganotosaurus by EldarZakirov    Utahraptors by EldarZakirov

By working on this art I used 


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© 2018 - 2021 EldarZakirov
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The Prey didnt stand a Change.

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Now that's a killer croc.
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Ochen effectnaja rabota!
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Спасибо, Михаил!
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PREY: "Our father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name..."    :icontrexplz:  :iconjesuschristplz:
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excellent job
EldarZakirov's avatar
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Amazing how long did it take you to do
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Looks like you got the dinosaur book in the same series as the shark one I did haha. 
EldarZakirov's avatar
;-) Guess all these book are quite similar ;-)
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amazing as always!
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Thank you! Glad to hear ;-)
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you drew the scales very well, it looks so real!
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Thank you, I really tried
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