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Bauria is an extinct genus of the suborder therocephalia (an extinct suborder of eutheriodont therapsids from the Permian and Triassic).
Bauria was probably a carnivore or insectivore.
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For Primorsky oceanarium.

Thanks to fine paleontologist Andrey Atuchin for basic head sculpt, excellent consultations and help during this work!
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I want one of those, how large was it? Would it fit in my bed??
EldarZakirov's avatar
;-)))) I guess it was like a quite big dog. Exactly for the bed or could sleep nearby on the carpet XD
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kuzim's avatar
What a beauty.
GraphiteWing's avatar
OMG! Waaaah! It's so perfect! 
Falcolf's avatar
Super gorgeous, I love the face! :D
EldarZakirov's avatar
;) Something between dog and reptile, isn't?
Falcolf's avatar
Evodolka's avatar
i want to rub his little noggin :meow:
RensKnight's avatar
Cute little therapsid furbaby... :)  Too bad I can’t rub his little prehistoric belly!
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Seeing reconstructions like these makes me wish that these guys were still around.
Rendering ancient life has to be a hard challenge between making it interesting to look at and accurate to the sometimes incomplete skeleton and geological data. I give you mad props for helping to breathe life into that which long ago had its breath taken away.
Firemaster1's avatar
Kinda reminds me of a river otter, maybe its a direct descentant of this animal.
Batterymaster's avatar
Not at all. Otters are descended from land-dwelling mustelid mammals.
RensKnight's avatar
Not sure how the therapsid lineage goes, but if this thing has living descendants it probably has them in a LOT of mammalian families. ;)
GayCoonie's avatar
If it was an ancestor of mammals at all, it would have to be an ancestor of all mammals. Otherwise, mammalia would not be a true clade, which it is in reality.
RensKnight's avatar

Clades were not taught in school when I was studying biology, so you may have to add a bit more context to that one.

GayCoonie's avatar
When I say clade, I just mean monophyletic grouping. Accordiing to wikipedia "monophyletic group, or clade is a group of organisms that consists of all the descendants of a common ancestor." Because mammalia is a clade, Bauria would either have to be the anestor of all mammals, if it was the ancestor of any, or be a mammal itself and be the ancestor of all members of a subclade. This second possibility would mean that mammals evolved their advanced features covergently, which is very unlikely. I hope I explained it a bit clearer.
RensKnight's avatar
Yeah, that helps some.
Batterymaster's avatar
Yeah, but most of its descendants would be indirect.
bear48's avatar
nicely done 
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