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Watchmen Quote

By elcrazy
A quote from Rorschach's journal from the best graphic novel, ever. And I cannot wait for the movie. It's gonna be awesome.

EDIT: My very first deviation with 100+ faves. Thanks a lot guys! I'm very grateful! Although, I would really appreciate it if you guys could take some time to check out my other works too. Thanks. :D
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On Friday night, a comedian died in New York. Somebody knows why. Ashamed
This is awesome, very professional. Kudos Aww 
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so powerful!
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I love this quote. Nice touch with the blood splatters up in the corner =)
Fave ^^
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man i love that book
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i LOVE this (:
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Good job. I love this saying and you have put it into a perfect poster design. Would you make it into a poster so I could buy it?
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I would, but unfortunately dA has barred me from doing so as it contains copyrighted material. Thanks though! Appreciate it!
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such amazing work, im a massive typography lover after seeing great things like this!

its also featured on my design blog enjoy!
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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! :D
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wow, this is my favorite line in the comic and i am currently making a motion typo out similar to this.

Nice work man !
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Would've been cool if they had used this for the movie poster.
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the design is amazing =], so is the graphic novel (comic book sounds so juvenile)
elcrazy's avatar
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it looks almost like the legit. thing
NICE WORK.........

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Excellent! Brilliant! I love it!
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great quote
great movie
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Wow, this is quite awesome ^^
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Why, thank you. :D
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My personal favorite quote..A long with the human bean juice bit, but yes from the comic I loved this line.
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