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Ok, so here's the deal: I'm running out of ideas. I have enough drawings and comics to post for about another week, If I still want to do one every two days (In Monday, Wednesday and Friday). In that week I'm going to look in my old stuff in my highschool notebooks and get inspiration from that. I think I already marked some ideas in my mind on stuff I still think is funny/creative. That should last about a week or so. but after that I'm dry. This is where you come in!

I'm open for commission!!

I won't charge anything as it is solely to improve my skills. From viewing my gallery you can see my style, my limitations and so on. If you need something drawn, want a caricature, want to give a unique gift to someone, need to make a card, a sketch, cellphone background, wallpaper or anything else you think my art can contribute to, just ask! All you need to do is contact me via anything you'll like:
deviantArt comments, notes, email (elcoolium@gmail.com), MSN Messenger (e_l_cool@hotmail.com), ICQ (141602556), Skype (elcoolium), HRWiki (www.hrwiki.org/index.php/User_…) or anyway else you think you can contact me.

What I need:

Just give me a description on what you would like. You will need to supply me with:
The size on the image (pixels, cm, inches). Do not have to be exact, but if you want a wallpaper for your computer supply your screen resolution.
Who or what is supposed to be in the image. If it includes you in a anyway, also supply a recent, large photo of you. If it's a character of a celebrity, then I'll just look for it on the internet, unless you need to be too specific and in that case also supply a good image of what you want drawn.
When do you need it. Please give me at least a week to complete it, doesn't matter what image it is. If I'll need more time, I'll contact you. The week period start when I reply to your request. I usually reply the same day or the day after.
Style. Tell what style do you want it to be: Realistic, cartoony, serious, single panel joke, several panel comic, in Hebrew, in English, in color, black and white, etc.

What you get:

A full size drawing of what you asked as big as it was made.
A place in my gallery as well as a permanent link to the image on all news posts (if I the number of images go overboard this may change).
Any additional scraps, sketches, and quick "How I did it" presentation.
All the original files, including the any psd files.
My eternal gratitude :)

And that's it. I will do my best to make the image you requested as awesome as I can.
And again, this is free of charge. If you want to buy it through deviantArt, it will cost you like any other product in here.

Thank you,

Commissioned art:
elcool.deviantart.com/art/Tsoo… Tsoof
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