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RPG Character Commissions by ElbenherzArt RPG Character Commissions by ElbenherzArt
Some traditional ink character commissions I've done last week for a pen and paper group. : )
I have to start uploading more client work! 

If you are interested in commission me please write me a PM. 4 Slots are available again! These are drawn in black or brown ink on a high quality A4 paper sheet and start at 100€ (117 US Doller) and go up to 140 US Doller).
Depending on how complex the outfit and pose is. Background is extra charged. Looking forward to work with you!

More of my work:

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NonieR Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
Gorgeous pics, but I'd worried about the spear(wo)man who seems to be holding onto a shield with nothing but one handgrip, which would make it unwieldy and easily driven out of line--and also likely to break the user's hand or wrist with a strong blow.

Normally, the fighters I know would also have a (padded) strap or cuff further up the forearm, also well fastened to the shield, and the handgrip itself would also be padded and/or held in a gauntleted hand, rather than bare skin on bare metal.

See, that's what you get for drawing near-realistic gear: crits we'd never give the Brass-Bikini-and-Loincloth school of fantasy art! ;)

Stormywinter Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
There is one problem with the shield from a historical perspective, but it's not the fact that it has a centre grip. Centre grip shields were normal in western Europe around 1000AD; look for example at Norse (Viking) shields. The problem is the handle - there would be a cut-out in the centre of the shield where the fingers would go when grasping the centre grip. This cut-our would be covered by a steel shield boss.

This is a fair reconstruction of a Viking shield. (Except the Norse didn't have plywood...)…
NonieR Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
Yeah, I don't happen to be wired for the details of arms & armor history or exact dates, being more culture/archaeology focused. I could spend an afternoon explaining the alliterative patterns in Anglo-Saxon poetry, all the things we figured out about Otzi (the glacier mummy) because of his matched weapons and un-decorative tattoos, etc., and how a single collapsed cavesite taught us that while Neandertals USED fires (probably started by lightning), they didn't START them (no firestarter flint chips), etc.

But while particular details of arms & armor stay with me (crossbows' overall advantages against longbows; linen-ply armor in the Classical world, the advantage of riveting the rings in one's mail, and so on), it's still a matter of "how we did it" rather than "exactly which of us did it when."

I doubt it wil surprise you that I'm female, and that I'm guessing you're male; mental gender differences aren't absolutes, but they're certainly statistically meaningful. ;)

ElbenherzArt Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for your critique! : ) Much appreciated! 

I totally see your point and you are definitely right. :'D
I drew the image after LARP pictures of the person who commissioned these and she wanted it 100% accurate to her LARP gear. Hadn't much saying in this. 
But in case you ever stumple on something weird in my personal drawings and paintings, please point it out to me! :D I'm always eager to improve.
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February 21, 2017
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