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April 23, 2010
" I love the approach the the dragons design as well as how the dragon almost seems as part of the sunrise itself. " -TheParasiticBandaid

When I was a child my dream... by ~elbardo
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When I was a child my dream...

When I was a child, my dream was to ride on a flying dragon...
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Amazing artwork! Found it from this video…
And the composer credited you
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A friend shared this on our discord and holy heck I am in love with it! Everything about it is dreamlike and soft, and I love your dragons design <3 Definitely adding to my wishlist of prints ;v;
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This looks beautifully cool <3
S-k-y-F-r-e-e's avatar
This is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever.
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I'm glad to hear that ^^
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So......So gorgeous :love:
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I had ( and still do sometimes) the same dream :)
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Looks like other people are taking credit for your work:…
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Thanks friend!
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beautiful colors!
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it's a very beautiful picture ! So I would use it in my website (my art site), can I use it ? 
Of course I will refer to you for your work.

(Excuse me for my bad english)

Anais D.
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Hi Anais
Yes you can use it, also I would like to know the link to your website and see how look ;)

anais-d99's avatar
Ok thank you very much ! :D

This is the link to my website :…

If you don't like it, tell me and I will change it.

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How beautiful! It's like a fusion between a dragon, a firebird, and a butterfly. Emoticon-Kawaii by NeoSlashott  
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My dream was to be a half dragon so I could transform whenever I wanted and soar through the sky. This is still my dream.
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When I was younger, I dreamed about the same...
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...Why would that stop being your dream as an adult?
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This is wonderful and beautiful! :D (Big Grin) 
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This reminds me of an old Aeon Flux episode...wish I could remember the name of it.
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