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TF2 Liberty

By Elbagast
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The final product of my redesign of my previous attempt at a bazooka-inspired rocket launcher.

There's a load of development images for this weapon in my scrapbook.

A link to a mod release of this weapon is coming soon.
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It's great to find the guy who made this awesome tf2 weapon.

I was wondering if you have unit measurements of the liberty launcher. I been wanting to make well detailed life-size replica of this weapon and I need the measurements to make a CAD blueprint for it. 

Also what real-world references or inspirations helped you create this model. I want to use the proper materials when creating it.
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Wait...You designed the Liberty Launcher?


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I like the "Liberty Bell" look of the shoulder rest, complete with what I can only assume is the telltale crack. Can you confirm that you intentionally modeled it to look like the liberty bell so I can post it on the TF2 wiki as more than just speculation?
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Please make a new Launcher based more off the German Panzerschreck PLEAAAAAAAASE!!!!
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So you're the creater of the liberty launcher? , you deserve an internet cookie.
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I made a medigun and kind of took some inspiration from this rocket launcher. :)
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As i said Thanks for these, it will greatly help!

You said something about Measurement from XSI ... you'll have to go into a bit more detail with that one ...

And thanks very much for replying!
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I swear by the Liberty when playing soldier! Thank you for making the ultimate rocket launcher!
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Nice job it's a nice weapon!
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much better than it was before.
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Indeed, it's like night and day to me when I compare them...
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