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Long time since I've been active on here. Might just use it as showcase for scribblings again...
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Okay okay! Inspired by my fab comic creating friend :iconstudioblinktwice: and the ridiculously talented tracyjb I am going to start posting the pages of the new webcomic, 'The Broken Mirror', that I am creating in collaboration with :iconjjnaas: here on my DeviantArt, in the hope it might get some more of you to go out to the site and check out JJ's silly-gorgeous art and my writing. It's not very far in yet, folks, but I can promise this story is going to be an absolutely action packed adventure, full of twists and turns the likes of which you'd never expect and characters that hopefully, if I get it right, you'll fall in love with. Or, in some cases, despise. So, please do stay tuned...what am I saying, stay tuned? I've got eleven people watching me. Please do tune in. Thanks. :D
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Sometimes, I think it might suit me to be just that little bit more emo...then I would perhaps make some use of all of the journals that I seem to have inadvertently registered for at numerous stops during my trek across the web. Alas, nay, I just forget about them.

Right, as to the point to this post: I read an article on the Amnesty International website yesterday regarding an upcoming review of freedom of expression on the internet, which is greatly restricted in many countries - there's an article and a petition here: - so, do support the cause; go along and sign it, as well as adding a similar note in your own blog asking your readers to do the same. :) That way one day we might all have the right to sign up for journals everywhere and write whatever the hell we it should be. ^^
Bored and vaguely miffed. The flat is a mess, there is washing up liquid on the floor and a great big stick thing emerging from the centre of the garden like disembodied sharp jagged jaws rising from the depths of the hot, sandy earth...particularly annoying because it's where I want to place the wooden decking and al fresco dining area... ;) And I don't have a hack saw or any similar blades of huge bush trunk doom, sob. Furthermore, Finnish orange juice and milk cartons are designed SPECIFICALLY to stop you drinking from them directly and if you attempt it you drench yourself with the tasty stuff that whence doth flow. Grrr. On the bright side, there is a KitKat in the cupboard and it's not quite as hot in the UK. :D

A Stage

Fri Apr 28, 2006, 10:34 AM

All the world is a stage. And I am a feather; a prop. The symbol of the aimless drifter perhaps; staring at the sun through yet another dusty window, losing all memory of her destination and gently confining her last semblance of hope to a small parcel...and emailing it. The invisible traveller, following the procession of a promenade performance for an hour or so, then losing the trail...and settling on a cliff to watch the sea drink pink milk from the clouds.  Weaving detachment from dissention, absurdity from invention and watching disdainfully as they follow the fool's prelude of their foolish script. The birds follow the order of a backwards turning clock, fly south and shed a feather into the rippling waves. The last bastion rises, and I am not persuaded; do not subscribe to his sincerity. The ingenuity is overt...but returning is...more of a subversion than arriving. Spectres, shadows, go outside! I do not think I want to be invited.

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    I got it together to form a political opinion again recently after reading through a thread of heated debate about the infamous Danish cartoons in a discussion forum to which I occasionally post. Having once been a vociferous member of any such arguments, particularly when the distracted multitude were talking complete and utter rot, I've found my left wing radicalism to have withered of late; following my own realisation that no political system could ever work, no ideal can become practical, when the human catalyst will invariably turn power to corruption. Anyway, what follows is this rare interruption to the downward spiral…

    I agree.

    I agree that freedom of speech should be protected and preserved, but really, I just don't see the need for people to act so invidiously. It's interesting how often mentioned is the ecclesial despotism that plighted Europe for so many years; Christianity has endured for centuries as an extremely sensitive belief taking great offence from any contestation or derision - feelings that haven't disappeared altogether, even today, (consider the furore that currently surrounds the controversial Jerry Springer opera.) It is merely the case that, now globalisation has exposed to the seething criticism of the Other a religion which still observes its conventions and traditions with grave seriousness, the reaction has been such that would have likely been provoked from Christians, perhaps two hundred years ago. That is not to say in any sense that Islam is retrogressive; just that different religions and cultures develop and deviate at different paces.

    I spoke to one of my closest friends, Naziah, a Malaysian Muslim, who shares many of my interests and personality traits, at university about this topic a few days ago and she read some of the articles about the Danish cartoons. Whilst enjoying and experiencing western culture, she still sincerely follows her religion and sombrely observes its principles. So, quite simply, she was hurt by the interpretations of the prophet Mohammed in the pictures and enquired why anyone would feel the need to print such material in response to a tiny minority of Muslim extremists, whom, of course, she doesn't feel are representative of her values at all.

    And I can completely empathise with that point of view; I would feel infuriated if someone judged me by western figureheads such as Tony Blair and George Bush and considered I deserved any form of physical, verbal or pictorial attack as a result. Of course, for this reason, I possess no understanding of extremists who do target (for all the guilt they should bear for their apathy) otherwise innocent westerners under a doctrine enforced by tyrannical cult leaders, who probably have as little interest and emotion vested in religion and as much devotion to the pursuit of power and money as the aforementioned western heads of state.

    And isn't that what started these discussions? Not so much whether the cartoons should not have been printed, or to debate the limits of our freedom of speech, but the Islamic response to the publication; their collective fury, which of course, on occasion, turned to violence. Not because they are Muslims, but because they are humans. And if you gather together a mentality of rage and indignation shared by many, regardless of their religious, political or social leanings, it will swell and it will explode.

    And as for terrorism…no group or individual typifies this notion in my mind more than George Bush. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens have been counted amongst the euphoniously named 'collateral damage' of the American government's endeavour to top up their oil tank. Information which is not, of course, easily accessible; try entering a Google search on the Iraqi death toll, the result is an endless list of pages charting the loss suffered by the British and American militaries.

    Meanwhile, Naziah and I spend hours together discussing many subjects wholly unrelated to religion. And a few, now and again directly exchanging religious ideals and convictions, (well, I say 'exchanging'; actually, she tells me hers and I listen with the curiosity of a respectful agnostic...) And we've never once had cause to disagree, insult or demean each other. And we've never once been able to comprehend the divisive levels of hatred being flung back and forth between east and west as history repeats itself, yet again. Truly, it doesn't make any sense at all.