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I spin my soul in the sunset,
It glistens in the rain.
Like this web of deceit
I will never be the same
He will never fondly call my name.

Night falls, clouds drift
A pen moves, purposefully, swiftly,
I watch from the shadows
Cast by his form
As he waits in his office,
Bemused and alone
Eight furry legs stretch out where I stand.

Your fear and loathing feeling no attraction
Of course my appearance must justify your reaction.

Another night, beautiful, sleeping creature
How to make you mine?
I shuffle along your spine
This tender sigh and golden eye
Bathed in milky moonlight
Oh, the spite, the sheer spite
That I was cast in this mould,
Eight arms yearn only more to hold
To caress, to suggest with no hint of trepidation
My long concealed infatuation.

The sun is still pale in the eastern sky,
The hazy light, lapping at the curtains
As he throws them aside.

Crushed I writhe
Embrace the agony of being alive
And stiff, I die.
Spiders! :p

If you can call that a comment. :D
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Submitted on
November 26, 2006
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