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Sambo ate a mango by the Coast Cabero sea
Jenna perfected Henna and tried it out on me
And the vortex waves come rolling in
In spectacular spin
The vortex waves come rolling in
And drowning

Chitee learned to miss me while I was out at work
Fernado stole the mango on the beach in shadow lurk
And the tornado sun goes shining high
Like a catch-kipper spy
Tornado sun goes shining high
Oh my.

Urgo had a third go bowling for the hoops
And Saphy ’came quite crafty turning in the loops
And the jet-ink rain came gushing in
Thrusting rolling pin
The jet-ink rain goes gushing in
As we die by our original sin.

And the looping beach coast mango
Bowling shining roll
Learned tornado vortex
Jet consuming coal,
Waves gushing kipper spy
All under a Spanish blue sky.

El Cabero Coast hurry down this way
Cliff path concert, I’m here to stay
Cooking up a croissant on the border of the flies
Chess and outdoor iceberg, alas, we can but try.

Midnight taking notes on the bright light of the day
Pale crested moon, now seduce or slay,
Coast Cabero concert roast
Vortex kipper taking notes.

Honey wind all blowing through the crackle ember leaves
Of ten million mosquito dancing ball palm trees
Eating iceberg sandwich, rolling, looping rain
In Spain

This is what?
More nonsense poetry...this one was intended as a Lewis Carol-esque rhyming neologisms generator, mixed with El being bored and...well, I think some nice imagery made its way in here and there... ^___^
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October 30, 2006
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