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There was a young alcoholic
Who drunk amounts of wine diabolic
She gulped like a fish must
All that was delicious
In a maddening drink induced frolic

And finding such liquor essential
Became the defining credential
As a form she composed
To join up with those
Recalling intoxicated woe quite sequential

How can you expect to remain anonymous?
When you drink the sum of all of us?
They asked as she recited
How her life wine had blighted
In lectures so stern and most sonorous

And that she was truly addicted
Was what they had surely predicted
As she left they would wait
Watch her try to walk straight
She could not; and was deeply afflicted

Then advanced liver disease ubiquitous
Cancer, cruel and carnivorous
She clutched the glass at her bedside -
Felt the agony subside
And for this her last breath was mellifluous.
A black comedy limerick written merely to piss off people who grumble when I drink wine and cleverly rhyme big words. I'm marking it mature content in case anyone finds it offensive and's about substance abuse! *SHOCK HORROR*.

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Submitted on
October 30, 2006
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