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I spin my soul in the sunset,
It glistens in the rain.
Like this web of deceit
I will never be the same
He will never fondly call my name.
Night falls, clouds drift
A pen moves, purposefully, swiftly,
I watch from the shadows
Cast by his form
As he waits in his office,
Bemused and alone
Eight furry legs stretch out where I stand.
Your fear and loathing feeling no attraction
Of course my appearance must justify your reaction.
Another night, beautiful, sleeping creature
How to make you mine?
I shuffle along your spine
This tender sigh and golden eye
Bathed in milky moonlight
Oh, the spite, the sheer spite
That I was cast in this mould,
Eight arms yearn only more to hold
To caress, to suggest with no hint of trepidation
My long concealed infatuation.
The sun is still pale in the eastern sky,
The hazy light, lapping at the curtains
As he throws them aside.
Crushed I writhe
Embrace the agony of being alive
And stiff, I die.
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Mature content
Irish Cream :iconelbagarpie:ElbagArpie 1 0
Your Creation
The magical mortal you perceive
Stands here in the mask you painted
The boundless love that you receive
Is a perfection you smudged from the tainted
The fractured spirit
Frozen in place
Would heedlessly abandon
All who dared to wrap her arms around them
She would walk away
At the roll of a dice
No tears in her eyes
Queen of the ice
But you taste her
As you place her
On your pedestal of virtue
Yet floundering in anticipation of how she might hurt you
As though a child could etch love with a crayon!
Do you know that her torment plays on
Through the night?
Now Helena, in blazing fury
To be told a man could love her
Beholds Ophelia, ensnared in madness
To see that love plucked asunder
So, gentle sculptor, carve her frame with your hands
Caress the crumbling fortifications
Casting subtle scars
On pure porcelain features
Lust winding wispy hands
Through the thoughts of desperate creatures
Her shadow in the shallows
An opaque ghost; you behold her splendour
Your statue, your creation, your in
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Violet Eyes
Quarter past three
The clouds are plums and peaches,
The sky is cream.
You have violet eyes.
The lake is oil splashed with silver
Frost and mist hang in the air,
The room is smudged with darkness
But you have violet eyes.
My heart holds onto a secret
I'll give it wings and let it fly
Perhaps though, I might keep it,
You have violet eyes.
The sun swallowed the rain
Through the bitter touch of the breeze
That must be a rainbow, so pale in the sky
Because you have violet eyes.
The pages of the newspaper
Cascade from the fourth floor window.
I didn't want to read it;
Someone had written
That you had violet eyes.
We walked together down the lane
Pitch black and still,
The leaves rustling at my feet
But your step was so gentle,
You did not disturb them.
We visited the church one Sunday
In the hazy hours of November morning,
And someone had dedicated
A blank statue to your beauty.
I held your glass in my hand
You did not take a sip,
You looked to me
And I held onto you so tightly
As I told th
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Tambourine Tougani
Sambo ate a mango by the Coast Cabero sea
Jenna perfected Henna and tried it out on me
And the vortex waves come rolling in
In spectacular spin
The vortex waves come rolling in
And drowning
Chitee learned to miss me while I was out at work
Fernado stole the mango on the beach in shadow lurk
And the tornado sun goes shining high
Like a catch-kipper spy
Tornado sun goes shining high
Oh my.
Urgo had a third go bowling for the hoops
And Saphy 'came quite crafty turning in the loops
And the jet-ink rain came gushing in
Thrusting rolling pin
The jet-ink rain goes gushing in
As we die by our original sin.
And the looping beach coast mango
Bowling shining roll
Learned tornado vortex
Jet consuming coal,
Waves gushing kipper spy
All under a Spanish blue sky.
El Cabero Coast hurry down this way
Cliff path concert, I'm here to stay
Cooking up a croissant on the border of the flies
Chess and outdoor iceberg, alas, we can but try.
Midnight taking notes on the bright light of the day
Pale crested moo
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In My Imagination
In my imagination
You are a mountain
That stretches into a dead and icy sky
With crimson rocks
And tissue paper trees
From the branches of which
Hang stainless steel clocks
In my imagination
You are a bird
With silver feathers, brilliant plumage that tethers you to the ground
And you live in the green sand
Swallowing grains of glass
Sometime last weekend
You played for a brass band
In my imagination
You are a sponge pudding
With sizzling snow jam spurting from your sugary throat
An hour baking on a grey city street
And another rising up to hell
Someone forces a note from a crackling gramophone
And you ooze to the beat
In my imagination
You are the book I'm reading backwards
With flamingo melon pages carved from plastic shoals
Chasing the geese on the lake
Your spine is soaked by hungry carpets
I'm overwhelmed
By the sense you make.
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Sonnet Two
While yet thou liest tangled in my mind
Look thou but not a moment on my world,
So rare that I with ardent passion find
That oft' my good intentions are unfurlèd.
I hold this sorrow and would not command
That thou shouldst feel the pain thy hand inflicts,
I ask, my friend, that thou be not alarmed
That sometimes hope and reason can conflict.
Feel not the flame of my suppressed desire
For soon I shall not long to hear thy voice,
If this be true I am confessed a liar
If this wretch still condemns thy dreadful choice.
    Though seldom I protest thee I adore;
    I am resolv'd to love thee all the more.
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Lost in Translation
These words
Plucked out of their sombre routine
Stare at me
Their faces blurred by truth
Pulling through
Forcing me to stand
High as I was meant to be;
I speak -
I falter, failing to alter
This picturesque reality
Still, meaning nothing to me,
As I carve oblique lines with chalk
Condemning: All this talk, all this talk
Those words
That you whisper to me
I suppose, you dredged from a dream,
Screaming, seething
Sought from hell's fires
I aspire to see
To know what you mean.
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The New
Is this the answer?
…To the contemplation I have always entertained
That you've now explained
So eloquently
So perfectly
In learnt language
A lesson
I felt sure I'd never receive
My love, deceive
My happiness
If you can trust yourself to do so
To entwine
Your heart and mine
In some magical remembrance
That endures
And makes me yours.
Is this the question;
That, at your suggestion, I have silenced
With a kiss? The violence
Of this affection
The confection
Of your tongue against mine
Speaking the silence
That only we can interpret
The decrepit souls
That thought they never could
Feel love and certain
That we rose above all complications
Thrust upon us by reason
As such
You are my treason
That, risking death
I am willing to commit
Is this the resolution
The absolution, my tearful eyes have craved
From their lonely grave?
Staring into the starlit sky
And wondering why
I have been given such a chance
And such romance
As even my imagination couldn't muster
I feel the trepidation in your voic
:iconelbagarpie:ElbagArpie 1 2
Midsummer in Mind
It is…
Beyond utterance
Beyond consequence,
In essence
My four sins have been scattered
To unspeakable destinations;
The culmination is merely
That I love you.
I love you…
As if those words will ever do!
As though recitation can suffice
To quell the growing bite
That overwhelms me,
As I contemplate
My existence, without you by my side…
Devour me, my sweet dreams,
May I fall into your arms;
The secret you have kept,
As I protest
My sexual infatuation
And my love, in adulation
A sense of belonging
And longing
For years
For you;
To lay upon your chest
And to whisper, to confess
That I would follow you as your shadow
It is madness, I know,
But look at her; your admirer
Your reflection
Your prize
Staring urgently, deep into your eyes,
'Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase;
'The dove pursues the griffin,'
Two souls, spectres, beside a grey winter sea,
I feel your waves rolling into me
The barren sand, dust and grain
Endless, is so suddenly called by name,
She feels firm han
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Queen of Hearts
Do I press the right buttons?
Play the good cards?
Queen of hearts
Still beating
Now eating, devouring the sympathy and synergy of yet another lover
And another and another
Await the end of the trend in trepidation
Sour lips, bitter words entice elation
Once again, change at the station
A magnificent façade
All of those lies
When amazing descends into franchise
Clutching the dice
I sob at the conclusion
Striking songs and a pithy reflection
Of unformed thoughts and new perception
Borne from recollection
The burning idol on my horizon
Goes on;
'Where's the catch?
'Does it all stay the same into the next act?'
In recital and rehearsal
Or fighting the reversal
I have no conviction
I make no prediction
Refuse to sign my name
I suppose the inhibition to commitment
May account for this predicament
Let me press the right buttons
Show me your cards
Stand cowering in your encounter
With the queen of hearts
But remember
I clutch your embers with sincerity
Burning passion immediately
Envelopes me
:iconelbagarpie:ElbagArpie 1 0
I see her through the window
Withered and alone,
I suppose a widow
She blends into the background
Can't smudge that frown from her face
Eyes open or closed
No-one knows the pain
No-one needs to know she's sane
Disturbed by her dreams
As she is devoured by deformity
She curses her conformity
To her determination
To reserve and acceptance
To lonely repentance
Seeming asleep
She lets her hand creep
To an icy cheek
The monotony of her sombre routine;
Envy, agony, resolve and scream
She stares into the night
Imagines, had she led a different life…
Then submits to a convulsion
A throb of terror
In error
They have condemned her to death
She counts each breath
'Leave the curtains open tonight'
She told the shadow at her bedside;
'Because, if I die…
'If I die,
'I don't want to be alone.'
She swallowed a stone
And reached for his hand
Her whispered command
To return to love, and life
And sooner or later, find another wife
She feared, he left in the room
He left the room
And turning away
Bald hea
:iconelbagarpie:ElbagArpie 3 2
I'll Let You Die
Would it be
Such a tender recitation,
If I stood shrouded in your doubt?
Could it be
Such a fond reconciliation,
If you surmounted the contemplation that will never let me out…?
I'll let it go, I'll let them grow;
These unspoken fantasies that swarm between you and I…
I'll let them die.
Should it seem
Much of a raw recitation,
As I choke on my response to your words,
Then I'll redeem
You in my hallucination;
Suggest this is a disease even you haven't cured -
I'll make it grow, I'll make them grow
These morbid memories that echo between you and I…
They make me cry.
Such a sinister revelation,
Has tethered my faint hope to the night.
Forcing some gentle devastation,
Branding your name on the face of my plight,
I'll let it go, you'll let me go.
These thoughtless remedies can't evoke our renaissance,
There's no hope for the ghost in the trench
Of your obscenity
Should you find my enmity
And subdue it with a kiss and a lie;
Then I'll let you die. Yes, I'll let
:iconelbagarpie:ElbagArpie 0 1
Death of a Lover
Cracked glass on the dusty ground;
Death and bone,
I stand alone to contemplate a splintered reflection,
A patchwork heart bursting at the seams
Is numb, has gone, has forgotten how to be.
Love; I etch this word in the earth,
Terrible love, my burden, my curse
It haunts me; it taunts me,
In agony I engaged it
Forbade it bid me farewell;
Do not plunge me into that dreadful hell.
How I hated it, how I hate you
Love, now that you have left
Dry eyes and sex
Struggle to recall desire.
I feel a fire
Flickering, fading, embers trading
Emotion for thought
That finds no logic in all those battles I fought.
Like a candle
I melt all that I felt.
Smudge wax on my face
Now a barren place,
To brandish this skull without a soul,
Whispering that it all went too far,
Delved in too deep,
And now there's nothing left of me.
The whispers of pity and wails of misery
Gorge on my pale shadow and he
Tangles my hair, lays my skeleton there,
Beside a box of letters and a pool of wax
The word love hastily carved
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Mature content
Purgatoire :iconelbagarpie:ElbagArpie 0 0


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Elanor Cooper
United Kingdom
Current Residence: England. Ish. Usually.
Favourite genre of music: Soulful or bouncy
Favourite photographer: Naz :D
Favourite style of art: Realism, Unique
MP3 player of choice: Ipod. It's so cute. *Strokes*
Shell of choice: Hmmm...snail? ;)
Wallpaper of choice: Northern Lights - JJ
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin and Hobbes, Wallace and Gromit, Pinky and the Brain
Personal Quote: 'If everyone liked everyone there would be fewer wars and more chocolate.'
Long time since I've been active on here. Might just use it as showcase for scribblings again...
  • Reading: Jodi Picoult.
  • Watching: The Inbetweeners.
  • Eating: Dieting!
  • Drinking: Water. And Cranberry Juice.


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