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dex GBC experiment

hello ladies and gentleman. i am not quite yet back. but i'm safe :)

so, i hope you all are doing well. i got a new pc, and i'm definitely not as active as i was before, but that is fine hehe.
i started working on this during the start of the pandemic. basically, i was browsing for my first time on /vp/ and i started showing some of my designs there. as a pseudo-artist, of course i had to listen to their (most of the time, poorly given) feedback.

the general opinion was centered around the idea of simpler designs > complicated designs, so my dex wasn't really well received there. however, i really was enjoying the whole interaction with other anons, so i tried to simplify my designs by portraying them as GBC sprites (if the design had too many color or too many small details, i had to sacrify those things for the sake of a simpler, cleaner sprite - basically forcing me to make something different).

this was really fun and i hope i can make more sprites or experiments like this in the future. i still wanna finish this dex someday, so if you really enjoying my art for some reason, then stay tuned :)

and by the way, i really miss interacting with you guys too, so if there is something you wanna ask or say (doesn't necessarily needs to be a good comment), please, say!
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que fofinha a carambolaaaa

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obg apesar deu ter descartado o design <3

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I love this style, it's so fun having a limited pallet, I want to draw more pokemon in the limited pallet again, it's fun and a bit challenging

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thank you so much! btw i really missed your feedbacks haha!

you should definitely try it!! making these guys was pretty fun and also i did them pretty fast :)

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If you want feedback you gotta upload more ;p

I'm not really a fan of spriting, but I love drawing and coloring them with the limited pallet!

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How fun! can't wait to see more!

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thank you so so much!!

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Wow, these fit the style really well, while also retaining the Elazulmax style, too.

Keep up the good work!

(My favs are still the not-koffing, egg chick, Zumbran wurmple lines and Hoothoot) :)

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Thank you so much!

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Love the regional varients
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Glad to hear that! :)

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by the way, just to clarify - some of these designs are recycled, some are new and some old.

the chicken line is based on chickens and maracatu (nação, rural).

the star thing is a discarded regional bounsweet design based on starfruits and space/disco

the wurmple line is based on iara (brazilian folklore), the hoothoot line is slightly different but still based on the rasga-mortalha and the new meowth line takes inspiration from the legend of the onça-celeste.

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