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Zumbran Beautifly

Butterfly Pokémon
Wurmple > Lvl 7 > Silcoon > Lvl 10 > Beautifly
Burning Passion*
1.5 m 32.7 kg

Burning Passion: Draining Moves now restores 30% more HP.

Dex Entry
"The Beautifly of Zumbra is a malevolent marine devil, appearing in the form of a fish. It sings to bring people and Pokémon to the sea."
"Once it has caught up with a boat, it wraps its stringy tentacles around the gunwales, bringing the boat to meet its deadly embrace."

Move: Love Bite - Bug - Special - 10/16PP - 80 Power - 100% Accuracy -  The user absorbs its target's HP by. The user's HP is restored by over half of the damage taken by the target (Oblivion Wing variation).


HP: 65
Defense: 50
Sp.Atk: 100

Based On: Iara, Chaetodontidae.

Common Moves: Wish, Disarming Voice, Dark Pulse, Taunt.

the male is the left one and the female is the right one. also, since i'm not keeping z-jynx's design, here's a new one :)
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i just adore the concept of this one! the wings evolving into a single sail like fin, just amazing. i imagine them sailing on waves during sunny days on open seas like dolphins

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i'm glad you like it as much as i do!

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can you explain scientifically how it flies please

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it doesn't because it is now a fish. this is silcoon's alpha sapphire dex entry: "Silcoon was thought to endure hunger and not consume anything before its evolution. However, it is now thought that this Pokémon slakes its thirst by drinking rainwater that collects on its silk".

As you can see, Silcoon only drinks water to survive until it evolves into Beautifly. But what happens when Hoennian Beautiflys start droping their eggs next to rivers? The Wurmple will have a lot of water to drink when it evolves into (Zumbran) Silcoon, right? which is also why their silk is mostly wet and soggy. Because of that, many Silcoon started searching for corals and other objects to comb their silk.

When they evolve, Beautifly doesn't need to fly anymore to get its nutrients and minerals, hence why they lose the ability to fly. The water has enough food (fish, small pokemons, humans) that they can use to feed themselves. The 'wing' works as common fish tail by the way, and when they're not underwater, Zumbran Beautifly either levitates (games) or just flops and splashes around (anime)

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are the cascoon and silcoon any different?

also a dustox that intertwined more with its ambient like zumbran beautifly does, and actually becomes a grass type with more plant elements on the design would be nice

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dex GBC experiment

here's zumbran silcoon, it is bug/water just like zumbran beautifly. i was also planning an alt version of cascoon and dustox (dark/bug).

here's cascoon Y's dex entry: "It never forgets any attack it endured while in the cocoon. After evolution, it seeks payback". my version would take inspiration from cupendipe's folklore (they are like vampires and live inside caves).

zumbran cascoons learned to hide inside caves (hanging upside-down like bats) because they were preyed upon by Passarins, Honchkrows, Pidgeottos, etc. this caused Dustox to lay eggs inside caves too (for their babies safety), and as a result of Thanatosis, they started to mimic Crobat-like wings and now they seek revenge (:

since they need to fly through caves so they can take care of their baby wurmples, having bat-like wings makes sense with Crobat's lore. this is Crobat's shield entry btw: "This Pokémon flaps its four wings skillfully. Crobat can fly through cramped caves without needing to slow down"

CrystalCreatures's avatar

ah, i had seen it but didn't recognize it. i love all the colors on there

the descriptions are too smart. very believable... i'd like for them GF to actually get as involved in making good creatures lol. if only was i exaggerating...

i'm also now realizing zumbrian butterfly is like a mermaid, with the tail positioned to look like a wing. was that also intentional?? with the colors it looks very mermaid-ish

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yup yup yup you got it right! while Zumbran Beautifly is inspired by Iara (a mermaid that lure men with her astounding beauty) Zumbran Dustox is inspired by Cupendipes (an indigenous group composed of bat-winged humans that were once said to force themselves to live inside caves for the sake of surviving)

and thank you so much for your compliments! means a lot to me <3

CrystalCreatures's avatar

oh wow, it would have been helpful to actually read the description first. i was not being serious with the commentary by the way, it was a joke. so i hate you because you outsmarted me and also gave a really interesting description lol. i like that it behaves like a magikarp on the ground lol. we need things like this in pokemon!

i loved the design but now that it also makes sense i like it even more...

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asldaksdkasd don't worry i love explaining how things work and i'm glad you like to hear my explanations

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so how does a computer work

Elazulmax's avatar

it's magic, hunter. it's magic.

Oh my god its beautiful! you are so talented!!!! Is it possible to if I can use it and the other regional variants on my pokemon fangame project? Please! I would love to see these babies in game.

Elazulmax's avatar

Thank you so much! and of course you can!!

Oh, thanks! I also love all the fakemon you've created, could it be possible to use these as well? Pretty please!

Elazulmax's avatar

thanks a lot, it actually means a lot to me <3

and don't worry, you have my permission :)

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Oh shoot your back!
Elazulmax's avatar
yes!! glad to see you too ^^
cascade-gonpory's avatar
WOW! this is absolutely stunning!!!!
Elazulmax's avatar
thank you so so much!!!
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im glad you are back!!

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aww thank you so much! glad to hear that!!
Mikeyschannel's avatar

you are welcome!!!

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Its a really beautifull piece of art!
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