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Sing for Meditation

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I did this during the period that I was attending the Sri Chinmoy's meditation centre for meditation courses and there's a story to go with it.

They say that to become a tru apprentice of guru's teaching, you have to be approved by him, accepted and blessed. Since he died in 2007, I once asked our teacher, how do they do it now? And he told me it often happens during meditations or dreams. The students just KNOW when it happens. He told us the story about somebody being blessed and accepted in the way that he draw a picture of himself meditating.

I've heard this story AFTER I made this painting so I got very surprised and asked myself - could this be IT? Does it mean that I'm accepted as guru's apprentice and follower? I answered myself that since I don't really feel that way, to be honest I didn't find this way to be the very right for me, probably not.

But it's curious story anyway, isn't it?

I actually didn't mean to draw myself in the first place, by the way. I just wanted some hairless, faceless figure, in the centre of the aura or something. I wanted another warm picture to breathe energy from. Some use candles or Sri Chinmoy's photo for that purpose, I wanted to create my own meditation painting and so I did. But in the end I felt like drawing hair around the head. And it ended up like my hair so I guess I kinda imprinted myself in that faceless figure and I do feel like it's me nowadays.

Also this painting is hanging above my bed, next to the Cubes.
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